Team:William and Mary/Part Collection

Modular Protein Degradation System for Speed Control
Our part collection provides future iGEM teams with the basic toolkit required to achieve modular, predictive speed control over their genetic circuits. We provide six distinct protein degradation tags (pdt) with distinct strengths and hence distinct effects on the speed of a tagged protein’s expression, in a ready-to-clone format for immediate use. We also provide constitutive and inducible reporter constructs tagged with each of the six tags. In total, this part collection represents the first experimental confirmation of a foundational mathematical model, as well as an accessible system that will allow future iGEM teams to access modular, predictive control over the temporal dynamics of their circuits by swapping parts at the genetic sequence level. We hope that our pdt system will, in addition to enabling this first foray into circuit speed control, serve as a foundation to drive continued innovations in controlling the dynamical properties of circuits.
For more information on these, and the rest of our composite parts please see our parts page. We'd also like to ask that Judges consider these parts as fufillment of silver medal criteria I. For more information please see our for judges page.
Part Collection
BioBrick ID Construct
K2333401 Cloning Ready pdt A with Double Terminator
K2333402 Cloning Ready pdt B with Double Terminator
K2333403 Cloning Ready pdt C with Double Terminator
K2333404 Cloning Ready pdt D with Double Terminator
K2333405 Cloning Ready pdt E with Double Terminator
K2333406 Cloning Ready pdt F with Double Terminator
K2333413 UNS J23100 mScarlet-I
K2333414 UNS J23100 mScarlet-I pdt A
K2333415 UNS J23100 mScarlet-I pdt B
K2333416 UNS J23100 mScarlet-I pdt C
K2333417 UNS J23100 mScarlet-I pdt D
K2333418 UNS J23100 mScarlet-I pdt E
K2333419 UNS J23100 mScarlet-I pdt F
K2333427 UNS pTet mScarlet-I
K2333428 UNS pTet mScarlet-I pdt A
K2333429 UNS pTet mScarlet-I pdt B
K2333430 UNS pTet mScarlet-I pdt C
K2333431 UNS pTet mScarlet-I pdt D
K2333432 UNS pTet mScarlet-I pdt E
K2333433 UNS pTet mScarlet-I pdt F
K2333434 UNS plac mf-Lon
K2333435 UNS pBad mf-Lon