Team:William and Mary/Medal Requirements

Register for iGEM, have a great summer, and attend the Giant Jamboree.
Completed all required deliverables:
Successfully created our team wiki, poster, and presented at the Giant Jamboree
Created our attribution page and registry parts pages
Submitted our safety and judging forms, and DNA samples of our new samples to the registry
Participated in the Interlab Measurement study
Submitted successful BioBrick parts
Collaborated with another iGEM team
Created a BioBrick part central to our project
Successfully participated in Human Practices
Judging note: We would like to note that due to a judging form mishap, we did not fill in the Silver Medal parts requirement with any BioBrick IDs. However, since any of our mScarlet, copper sensor, or mf-Lon parts could fulfill Silver Medal criteria I, we humbly ask that judges evaluate those parts, and/or the parts listed on our judging form for best part collection and best composite part as proof of our fulfillment of the criteria. Thank you for your consideration.
Successfully modeled our project
Project works under realistic conditions

Special Prizes