• LiGEM:

  • A Light-involved Genetically Engineered Machine

      for Cell Disruption


We live with creativity

Hi! I am LiGEM, a good helper for producing intracellular product

Simply saying, I will disrupt the cells to get the extract under the control of light, no need for hard temperature or polluting chemical reagent. I am money-saving and environment friendly! My dream is to be applied into the practical producing.

Xin lu


Geyi Wang

vice captain

Jiajia Lin

Team Member

Jiahui Liu

Team Member

Yisha Zhu

Team Member

Yunkai Li

Team Member

Chen Wei

Team Member

Yuehao Gu

Team Member

Rong Wang

Team Member

Liyang Yu

Team Member

Xiaojun Zheng

Team Member

Yankang Wu

Team Member

Wei Zhang

Team Member

Qiaolei Yang

Team Member

Feng Cheng

Head Teacher


Modeling Subgroup

This group has finished experiment data processing and designing the fermentation tanks with blue LEDs

Lab Subgroup

All experiments were performed by members of this group. Their achievements include testing and improving the data

Human Practice Subgroup

All work except experiment and modeling were finished by this group. Their achievements include investigating and advertising in fermentation factories, propaganda work in societies, communicating with other iGEM teams, and designing team’s logo and posters.

Our Photos

Contact information:18 Chaowang Road, Xiacheng district, Hangzhou city, Zhejiang province, china. 310014 0571-88320114


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