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Collaboration with Arizona State University

Our team was having difficulty assembling the two transcriptional units (VCP and PCP) into a multigene assembly. We contacted the ASU iGEM team to see if they could help with our problem. Stefan from the ASU iGEM team developed a cloning strategy to help our team assemble our multigene sensing plasmid within a few days of sharing the plasmid maps. This included designing primers for each of our transcriptional units in order to do digests and ligations using Type 1 enzymes (double digest + ligation). The ASU team also sent us an aliquot of their lab’s pET28 to use as the backbone for the multigene sensing assembly. ASU also helped troubleshoot minor problems that came up while trying to assemble and clone the sensing assembly, including suggesting a colony PCR, explaining protocols for assembling the multigene, and giving other advices/tips. In return, our team helped out the ASU team by reading over their wiki and presentation. As a result of this collaboration, our team was able to clone the sensing construct. We are very grateful to have received this tremendous help from ASU!
In return, our team helped out the ASU team by reading over their wiki and presentation.

Designed through Collaboration with ASU

Collaboration with University of Washington

The University of Washington iGEM team gave us general advice concerning our project and proofread and gave us feedback on our wiki pages. The UoWashington team also helped us with our presentation; we held a skype session where we presented our presentation to them over skype and they critiqued it and gave us advice. In return, our team helped them out with their survey on GMOs and bioethics. Also, at the Giant Jamboree, the UoWashington team sat down with us to go through the presentation, and gave us many recommendations and feedbacks. We were able to make edits to make our presentation better--thanks to the UoWashington team!

Collaboration with High School Teams

We were part of a high school group chat over Twitter whose purpose was to serve as a forum where high school teams could exchange advice and help one another.

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