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SnapLab, our portable kit that will detect cholera
By observing the current situation in Yemen, where a child is infected with cholera every 35 seconds, this infection is definitely an urgent matter to which too little attention is paid.
Vibrio Cholerae is the bacteria responsible for cholera. The tricky thing is that there are only two serogroups of Vibrio Cholerae O1 and O139 that are responsible for epidemics of cholera while the others provoke diarrheas, abscess or septicemia.
This is why we are going to design a pathogen sensitive detector: SnapLab, our portable kit that will detect cholera. The greatest advantage of this device will be its capability to communicate the results to its user and to map the cases of cholera. Going forward, this kind of device will be replicable for different pathogens, thus allowing to widen the spectrum of this kit’s use.
We estimate
1,3 to 4 million
cases of cholera worldwide.
It causes
21000 to 143000
deaths in a year.

Our geolocalisation concept

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