Human Practice

Medal Criteria

Registered the team, had a great summer, and are planning to have fun at the Giant Jamboree.
Documented our project on our wiki, which is “our project’s face”.
Properly attributed the work done in our project, on our Attributions page
Planned to present our poster at the Giant Jamboree.
Planned to present our project during our team presentation at the Giant Jamboree.
Completed and submitted the various safety forms for safety check-in, about our lab, about our project, new parts and our final safety form.
Completed the judging form.
Created and documented our part page on the Registry Parts page.
Submitted our DNA samples of our new Part to the registry, following the DNA Submission Guidelines.
Improved the characterisation of two existing BioBrick parts (BBa_J04450 and BBa_K801100) by documented the informations of that part’s main page in the Registry.
Designed a new BioBrick part BBa_K2299000, which is central to our project work and documented it on the Main Page of that Part's Registry entry. Submitted a sample of this new part to the iGEM Parts Registry, following Registry submission guidelines.
Collaborated with other registered iGEM team, in a meaningful way. See more on our Collaborations page.
Carefully and creatively thought about the impact of our work, in terms of safety, responsibility. See more on our Human Practices page.
Demonstrated how we have integrated the investigated issues into the design and execution of our project. See more on our Integrated HP page.
Improved the function of the BBa_J04450 existing BioBrick part by using its fluorescence as a detection signal to detect Vibrio Cholerae.
Demonstrated that our project works on our Result page.

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