"I would like to thank every member of the team : Jusuf, Cassandra, Noreen, Damyana, Guillaume, Emline, Romy, Martin, Clément, Nicolas, Loïc and Adrien for their contribution. We started from scratch and together we were able to realize our project. I am very happy I shared this experience with you.” – Nicolas Iasparro, team leader.


Back on track from previous participations in 2011, 2012 and 2013, this year, iGEM Grenoble team consisted of 6 life scientists, 4 biomedical engineers, 1 informatics engineer and 2 computer graphics artists. After a couple months brainstorming, we settled on the topic of our project in January, so as to get organized for the work to come.
The scientific and laboratory work was divided into two main axis: the engineering part and the biological part. All Clément Caffaratti, Nicolas Iasparro, Jusuf Imeri, Guillaume Jubien, Martin Lenglet, Emline Leon, Noreen Louis, Romy Rouzeau, Cassandra Vivier-Baudry, Damyana Yancheva contributed to this work but we would like to address a special thanks to Dr. Franz Bruckert, Dr. Pierre Cavailles, Dr. Audrey Le Gouellec, Dr. Bello Mouhamadou and Dr. Nicolas Ruty for providing us with precious advices all along this adventure. Both engineering and biological parts were subdivided into specific tasks in order to be as efficient as possible.
The smartphone application definitely is at the core of our project and we have Nicolas Iltis to thank for developing it in such a little time notice.
3D Modelisation
In order to have a better visualization of how the kit works, Adrien Olivieri and Loïc Ruel made videos of the 3D model kit.
Coding the wiki was mostly done by Guillaume Jubien, Martin Lenglet, Noreen Louis, Cassandra Vivier-Baudry even though its structure and design was thought by the two ladies.
Damyana Yancheva looked into the safety situation, insuring the safety of the kit as well as the safety measures that were taken in the lab.
The designs of our wiki and other communication materials were created by Guillaume Jubien.
Human Practice and collaboration support
From the very beginning, we had at heart to explain our project to the largest audience possible, thus presenting the concept of synthetic biology. Nicolas Iasparro and Jusuf Imeri organized the meetings we have had with other teams as well as scientific popularization conference. Reflecting on how ethics intervened in our project was realized by Nicolas Iasparro, Noreen Louis and Cassandra Vivier-Baudry who created a survey to analyse the public’s opinion on specific ethical aspects: GMOs and data privacy. Collaborations was a central aspect of our project, Nicolas Iasparro, Jusuf Imeri and Emline Leon have carried this
Starting from scratches since iGEM Grenoble team came back up from 2013, we had to find sponsors and financial support to realize our project. The entire team took part in this battle, even though Emline Leon took care of the administration & financial, Romy Rouzeau was handling the treasury. Both were highly helped by Jusuf Imeri, responsible of the funding applications. It is also important to mention that we carried out a self-made crowdfunding campaign thanks to Kocoriko’s platform, mainly realised by Nicolas Iasparro, Emline Leon.


This great adventure would not have been possible without the help of some people that supported our project in many different ways. We would like to acknowledge here the many things they helped us with and thank everyone who participated in making this project a reality.
General support
We would like to thank both the University of Grenoble Alpes and Phelma engineering school for their support. They provided us with scientific materials, laboratories and locals where we settled our meetings. The dean of the Pharmacy Faculty of the Grenoble Alpes’ University Michel Seve and Anne Vilcot, principal of Phelma, supported us all along the project. A special thanks to the Fondation UGA and especially Nathalie Martino & Mélanie Santailler for giving us many advices all along the project as well as providing us with helpful contacts. We want to thank the Fondation Grenoble INP and more particularly to Murielle Brachotte for taking us under her wing all along this project. We also would like to thank Davide Bucci who gave us information about the smartphone as a diagnostic tool and Thierry Livache who pointed out the epidemiologic studies.
Lab support
We want to thank Carole Vachon, from Biomérieux, for giving us time to discuss the different problems we encountered as well as giving us some research leads about the DNA extraction part. Thanks to Thierry Douki, Anne Imberty, Robin Poirot and Erwann Vince for helping us in the research and utilization of lyophilisator. The work on the conservation of biological material would not have been possible without their help. We want to thank Cordelia Bisanz for coaching us on molecular biology and giving us so many lab tips. Sophie Boretti helped us all along summer in the lab, thanks to her for helping us out.
Internship support
We would like to thank Pierre Cavailles (TIMC - BNI), Franz Bruckert (LMGP), Camille Raillon and Arnaud Buhot (CEA Grenoble), Anne Imberty (Cermav), Sigolène Lecuyer (LiPhy), Céline Ternon (LMGP, INP Grenoble) and Quentin Garnier (La Casemate de Grenoble) for fulfilling internships.
Communication and event support
A special thanks to Estelle Vincent, who kindly shared her photographs from Grenoble surrounding areas. We would like to thank Walter Costa for creating our logo. We are also very thankful to Eduard Ayuso, Yahia Chelboune, Thierry Menissier and François Rousse for their amazing lectures during the conference of scientific popularization. We would like to address a huge thank to Corentin Revel and Cédric Diogo for their help in the organization of the concert at EVE. We finally want to thank Baptiste Langlois who helped us through the wiki redaction.
Financial support
We would like to thank all of our crowdfunding donors. Thanks to Alma Fonds Solidaires, Cathy Jubien, Stéphane Lenglet, Pascale Rouzeau, Dimitri Bouclier, Pascal Feron, Salomé Lenglet, Brigitte Louis, Jérôme Anguenot, Manu Bruas, Christophe Clerc, Pascale Chenevier, Manon Cortial, Orlane Duchesne, Raphaele Lescene, Arnaud Louis, Nathalie Martino, Mise En Scène, Béatrice Schaack, Camille Raillon, Michelle Bisserier, Fabienne Anguenot, Jacqueline Bisserier, Leandro Farias Estrozi, Philippe Fetis, Gaultier Delabre, Ghislain Bourseau, Christophe Caffaratti, Lisa Casimir, Faustin Facomprez, Pierre Horsin, Clarie Moureau, François Tirvaudey, Josselin Fouret, Lorraine Barret, Zélie Buquet as well as all of our anonymous donors.


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