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Today, we have a problem over stock breeding that excrement of livestock causes eutrophication of rivers. This is because they contain phytic acid which has 6 phosphate groups. Moreover, phytic acid chelate and prevent livestock from absorbing minerals. Nowadays, phytase, an enzyme that degrades phytic acids, is widely added to the feed to increase mineral absorption and to alleviate eutrophication. However, feed is sterilized with heat during its production and the activity of phytase drops. To solve this problem, we have come up with a way to maintain the phytase activity by connecting a linker containing Self Assembling Peptides (SAP) to its end. By doing so, we aim to form disulfide bonds between linkers to make phytase circularized and stabilized.


We met all the criteria shown below!


  1. We registered our team, had a fantastic summer, and we are going to Giant Jamboree.
  2. We met all the Competition deriberables.
  3. We created our Wiki with attribution.
  4. We characterized existing BioBrick parts, BBa_K912000 and BBa_K912001.


  1. We assayed two new BioBrick parts, BBa_K2414002 and BBa_K2414003. Also see Results.
  2. We collaborated with other iGEM teams. See Collaborations page.
  3. We conducted well-thought Human Practices. See Silve_HP page.

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