Team:HokkaidoU Japan/Collaborations


iGEM Japan Kansai Forum

We participated in iGEM Japan Kansai Forum held in Kansai(West central area in Japan). In the forum paticipants made presentations about their team's project. After that, everyone filled in questionnaires and shared some advice for impriving their projects. In addition to those, we had a party, free talk, and free presentation sessions.
The team which participated in the forum were as below:

With Botchan Lab Tokyo

Team Botchan Lab Tokyo was newly created this year. Last summer, one of their members, Ayumi Taga, met Yusuke Kishimoto, who belongs to our team HokkaidoU_Japan. Because HokkaidoU_Japan has many years of experience, he taught her how to start up an iGEM team, how to register, what making a project is like, and how to find sponsors. As a result, a new iGEM team came into being.

With Kyoto

We shared our presentation slides and movies to each other on 13th January. We studied their project “NORO CATCHER,” and vice versa: they studied our project “Self-AssembRing.” Furthermore, we studied their way of presentation. We are not good at making presentation slides, so we analyzed how they make slides using Keynote. Also, one of our members, Yusuke Kishimoto, was impressed by the presentation of team Kyoto at the Giant Jamboree 2016, so we all watched the movie of their presentation and it motivated us toward Giant Jamboree 2017.