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Kingsborough Community College || City Unversity of New York || 2017 iGEM Team

Computer Hope

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The Grizzly Veterans (Original Members):

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Name: Julian Zhao - The Mastermind

If you need a person who is a quick thinker and a fast learner, this is your guy. Give any messy, unorganized information to him, and he'll be able to target the important data that would lead to signficant outcomes.


  • Modeling (Leader)
  • Lab work (support)
  • Team Organizer
  • Data Analyst
  • Presentation delivery

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Name: Jessica Zhao - The Hobgoblin of M158

The grumpy villain who is writing this. MUHAHAHAHA

Ever-present in the laboratory, she can explain any protocol forwards and backwards - and do so with different colored markers!


  • Lab work (Leader)
  • Public engagment (support)
  • Photographer
  • Notebook Keeper
  • Wiki master
  • Presentation delivery

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Name: Wendy Zhao - The Sweetheart of the Community

Wendy is one of the sweetest persons in the lab. She helps promoter our team in Kingsborough Community College, and was involved in helping our team present at Eco-Fest. Once she starts talking about our team/project you can see her passion - the audience sees it too, as she always can grab their interest!


  • Public engagement (Leader)
  • Lab work (Support - saline experiments)
  • Presentation delivery

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Name: Alex Dean - The Devilishily Proud Aries

In the lab, Alex is in his own element. If he looks super serious (and scary) it is because he's thinking extremely hard. He is the type of person to think outside of protocols to get what needs to get done. He is very confident in what he does and has the talent to back it up.


  • Student Advisor
  • Lab Work (Support)
  • Wiki master

New Recruits

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Name: Antoine Cummins - The Promise Keeper

Antoine is a person that keeps his word. If he said that he'll meet you at 12:30 on a Wednesday, expect him to be there. He is honest and does not make any false promises. He is a hard worker and is always willing to learn.

Attended iGEM Bootcamp


  • Lab Work (Support)
  • Presentation (Leader & Delivery)

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Name: Tiffany Gonzalez - The Darling Trainee

Tiffany is a super sweet person with an infectious smile. She actively wants to learn and help out. If you ask her to do something, she will do her best to get it done.

Attended iGEM Bootcamp


  • Lab work (Support)
  • Poster (Leader)
  • Data Analyst
  • Modeling (Support)

Supporting Cast (the rest of the team)

Arwa Najeeb: iGEM Bootcamp participant and Artwork leader.

Darlinda Shillingford: Artwork leader.

Dinara Khashimov: Lab work (Support - RFP characterization experiments), iGEM Bootcamp participant.

Abraham Yusupov: Lab work (Support - RFP characterization experiments), iGEM Bootcamp participant.

Kateryna (Kate) Luzhenkova: Lab work (Support - RFP characterization experiments), iGEM Bootcamp participant.

Our Mentors

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Name: Prof. Devin Camenares

He could do a little bit of everything - it's kinda scary! He was the primary mentor and gave a lot of technical advice, guidance and support. He helped guide our design of the project, and provided formatting help for the Wiki.

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Name: Prof. Grace Axler-DiPerte

She gave us guidance and advice for the presentation and poster, and helped us format the poster for printing. She helped us keep track of deadlines, and always gave us support and encouragement.

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Name: Prof. Sarwar Jahangir

His impressive moustache and grandfatherly wisdom gave us support and strenght during the tough times of Wiki freeze, and kept the lab open for us to complete our work (even at night!).

Special Thanks

The delta-tmRNA (ssrA::Kan-R) strain, used in the RFP characterization experiments, was a generous gift from Dr. Wali Karzai (Stony Brook)

The Phantom of the Operon logo was obtained by Antoine with permission from the artist and creator Samantha Shammas

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