Team:Kingsborough NY/Safety

Kingsborough Community College || City Unversity of New York || 2017 iGEM Team

Computer Hope


Safety first! Synthetic biologists try to solve problems using biology - and can do so in new, innovative, and powerful ways. However, it is all moot if we create new problems in the process!

Safe Project Design

Our project was designed with safety in mind! If our intended project works, the bacteria should not be able to survive outside the confines of the lab

Safe Lab Work

We practiced safe lab work - gloves and lab coats were worn when appropriate (nearly always) and waste was disposed of appropriately

Our autoclave was used to prepare sterile media, sterilize instruments, and discard biological samples

Most of our work was performed in a Class-II Laminar Flow Hood - keeping our samples sterile, and preventing their spread within the room

Safe Shipment

Samples were shipped safely - samples were shipped in petri dishes or 96 well plates, either hand delivered or shipped via FedEx, wrapped in secondary containers/material (parafilm & saran wrap) and standard shipping evenlopes