Team:Kingsborough NY/Sponsor

Kingsborough Community College || City Unversity of New York || 2017 iGEM Team

Computer Hope

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Our main corporate partner, Canon Solutions America, was very helpful in funding our team and allowing us to compete this year. Without them, our participation would likely not have been possible. We are grateful for their support and for the opportunity we had to meet with them and discuss the iGEM experience.

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Integrated DNA technologies generously provided all of the DNA synthesized for our project. This included gBlock fragments of the different genes involved, primers, and even whole plasmids.

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We are thankful for the free Gibson assembly and Q5 PCR Master Mix provided by New England Biolabs. Obtaining our target construct (BBa_K2268004) would probably not have been possible without their help.

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We received a complementary supply of buffers we had difficulty preparing on our own. QIAgen's support made it much easier to purify DNA from our bacteria.

A special thanks to Kingsborough Community College - in particular, the Department of Biological Sciences and the Office of College Advancement. Without their help and continued support, we would not have the space or the funding streams to complete this project. Also, a thanks to the Office of Student Life for supporting student travel (from last year) and to the entire CUNY system.