Team:NEFU China/Members



Guangchao Sui, Ph.D.
Research Area:
Gene expression in different systems; epigenetic regulation of cancer development and progression.

Qian Xing Ph.D
Associate Professor

Research Area: Plant development; Epigenetic and chromatin-related gene expression regulation.

Daizong Cui Ph.D

Research Area: Environmental microbiology; Azo dye decolorization; protein expression and purification.

Yu Wang Ph.D

Research Area: Plant development; Light signal transduction in plant; plant functional genomics.

Dangdang Li Ph.D

Research Area: Gene expression and functional studies; molecular mechanisms of cancer development and progression.

Group members
Group 1

Name: Yapei Zhao
Grade: Senior
Contribution: As the team leader, she is in charge of general planning of our project. Her major tasks include designing the experiments of different subgroups and dispatching assignments to other team members.

Name: Jiaowei Wang
Grade: Senior
Contribution: She is a warm helper in the group. She is responsible for detecting fatty acid conversion by the Leader C and determining the production of fatty acids by the Follower D.

Name: Mingren Li
Grade: Senior
Contribution: His major job is the reactivation of the strain of the Leader B. He is the most powerful member in the group, so he takes charge of maintaining all equipment in laboratory.

Name: Jiasong Pan
Grade: Junior
Contribution: He is one of the most diligent workers, and is good in searching papers and making recommendations based on the case.

Name: Zihao Li
Grade: Junior
Contribution: He is one of the most responsible iGEMers. He is taking charge of the construction of vectors and protein expression of the Follower D. He also helps other iGEMers complete the bacterial expression experiment of the Leader A, the Leader B, the Leader C .

Name: Ying Wang
Grade: Junior
Contribution: She puts great efforts in the bench work. She is diligent and in charge of recording notebook. She completed the construction of the Leader A.

Name: Xingyang Liu
Grade: Junior
Contribution: She is mainly responsible for expressing the Follower D protein and determining its production by Western Blot. She assists Jiaowei Wang to verify the function of different proteins.

Name: Ying Fu
Grade: Junior
Contribution: She has an active mind and always comes up with new ideas. She designs devices to verify chemotaxis of bacteria to different amino acids.

Name: Jixiang He
Grade: Senior
Contribution: He is clever and thoughtful, and has searched various information. He has been working regularly in the lab and has provided many ideas for vector construction .

Name: Siqi Liu
Grade: Sophomore
Contribution: He joined this team when he was a freshman, but he has mastered many skills of molecular biology experiments. He is mainly responsible for the construction of transformation gene of the Follower E and amino acid chemotaxis of bacteria.

Name: Xiaolei Wu
Grade: Junior
Contribution: He is good at searching papers and provided reliable information to our experimental design.

Group 2

Name: Wangshuying Deng
Grade: Senior
Contribution: She is an art designer in our group. She is not only responsible for web design, but also team uniform and logo. She is proficiency in various drawing software.

Group 3

Name: Weishu Wang
Grade: Senior
Contribution: She has a strong thirst for knowledge. Due to her excellent writing ability, she is the leader of our writing group. 

Name: Hongyang Wei
Grade: Senior
Contribution: As a logical writer in this project, she always gathers good inspirations and makes fine writing throughout the project. 

Name: Tianqi Xia
Grade: Junior
Contribution: She likes English very much and is good at writing. She writes parts of the web and helps other students to correct their grammatical problems. 

Group 4

Name: Jianzheng Wang
Grade: Junior
Contribution: He is energetic and humorous. He undertakes the part of administrative work and participates in human practice development. Also, he provides important suggestions in many occasions. 

Group 5

Name: Xiangmin Liu
Grade: Junior
Contribution: As a student who majors in Mathematics and Applied Mathematics, she contributes to designing mathematical models and analyzing data to provide a theoretical support to our experiments. 

Name: Keyu Peng
Grade: Junior
Contribution:  He is a computer-science student. He can operate various mathematical software and has made a great contribution to our modeling