With Team Peking and BNDS_China

At the beginning of the march, our team sent 3 members to attend synthetic biology lessons in Peking University. The class was mainly for postgraduates as well as undergraduates in Peking University. However, because of the generosity and kindness of their instructor Yihao Zhang and Professor Haoqian Zhang, we were able to have lessons with them, and hence gained precious experience.

At the beginning of July, Team Peking invited us to work on the interlab study together in their lab with BNDS_China. This gave us a chance to learn more about practical skills.

With Team Oxford

In September, one of our team members, Zeyu Fëanor, e-mailed team Oxford to ask help for modelling. Chun Ngai Au and Helen Ren, who are the dry lab coordinators of their team, wrote a document on how to create simple ODE(ordinary deferential equation) functions and sent to Fëanor. The explaination in the document was very clear and inspired Fëanor a lot.

With Team GZHS-United

Probit analysis is a specialized regression model of binomial response variables. Regression is a method of fitting a line to your data to compare the relationship of the response variable or dependent variable(Y) to the independent variable(X).By using IBM SPSS,We construct a model to help them find out KT50 of our project.

With Team SNSBNU_China and Tsinghua

In October, we helped team SHSBNU_China distribute their questionaires and finally received more 400 feedbacks. In return, they helped us carry out chemical transformation of B.subtilis compenent cell using protocols given by team Tsinghua.