Team:RDFZ-China/HP/Gold Integrated



Ziyuan Zhao, one of our team leaders, and Zeyu Tang have created a new academic club this year at the High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China called Genehack. The club is dedicated to attract students from different disciplines who are interested in biology and spread ideas and knowledges about synthetic biology. Currently, there are over a hundred club members in Genehack, and the club is tightly associated to our iGEM team on campus. During last three activities Ziyuan Zhao introduced iGEM and synthetic biology to the members. There was also a heated discussion about different aspects, such as creativity, feasibility, and biosafety, of our project this year among the members of Genehack and we are really enlightened by their thoughts!

Course outlines

  1. Chemistry I (atoms, molecules, bonds, intermolecular forces, water and carbon),
  2. Chemistry II (Acids and bases, thermodynamics, spectrum)
  3. Biology I (Cytology, metabolism, cell signaling)
  4. Biology II (Cell cycle, Inheritance, microevolution and macroevolution, speciation)
  5. Biochemistry I (biomacromolecules, energy and life )
  6. Biochemistry II (enzymatic reaction, cell signaling )
  7. Molecular biology I (genetic central dogma, molecular cloning, PCR, gel electrophoresis, restriction enzymes)
  8. Molecular biology II (gene expression regulation, protein structures)
  9. Biotechnology(DNA sequencing, nucleic acid hybridization)
  10. Bioinformatics (blast, protein 3-D structure modeling)
  11. Matlab coding
  12. Web design and coding(html, css, Javascript, jQuery)