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Who are we?

We are Grade 11 and 12 students from the High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China, RDFZ! With high interest in and great passion for biology, especially synthetic biology, we participate in iGEM this year for the first time, representing our school. Our team is not only great at English, capable of communicate with other scholars globally, but also knowledgeable regards to synthetic biology. Top candidates in British Biology Olympiad and USA Biology Olympiad are in our team; as brilliant as our students, our instructors are highly trained, responsible and experienced, providing us important guidance technically during the project and sharing their unique experience with us to improve our experiments as well as managing the whole project.

Team Members


Bowen Xiao
Grade 12 student who has a great fondness for biology and neurology. Participated in iGEM 2016 and won silver prize. Really love iGEM and plan to carry it on in university.

Ziyuan Zhao
I'm a grade 11 student who leaded the BHU_China team in iGEM 2016. I had experience of doing research in the pharmaceutical field at Peking University's State Key Lab. This year, I'm in charge of project management, procedural design and wet lab experiment. I have past experience with the competition and help our team to make critical decisions. I have a deep understanding in chemistry and biology, and I LOVE synthetic biology and bioengineering!!

Zeyu Tang
The coordinator of our team. Meanwhile, in charge of wiki and modeling. Really intrigued by biology and won prize in BBO and USABO. Have some practical experience of experiment.

Siqing Wang
In charge of human practice in our team. Have a huge interest in biological techniques, social science and medical science. Possess lots of practical experience from summer school and other biological events. Participated in social science workshop in Columbia. Won bronze prize in USABO.

Xuanyu Zhou
In charge of publication in our team. Have great amount of experiences in biology competitions, including Dongrun-Yau Science Award and BBO. Outstanding in biology, English expression and debate.

Yuyin Yang
In charge of publication in our team. Greatly interested in synthetic biology. Won International Brain Bee second class prize. Vice-president of the 30th Student Union.

Kaiying Shan
In charge of theoretical design of the experiment and project. Have a great passion and fondness for biology. Won golden prize in Biology and Chemistry Olympiad.

Kexin Zhu
In charge of human practice in our team. Highly interested in synthetic biology. Have some practical skills in laboratory.

Rui Deng
In charge of collecting data. Love biology and digging into books and papers.

Yiqing Zhang
In charge of design and publication. Participate in research for the main subject of our project and the function of Bacillus subtilis. Record every meeting and create documents on our official account.

Junhao Yang
In charge of human practice. Interested in biology and won prize in BBO.

Yixin Shen
In charge of publication and wiki design. Enthusiastic of biology. Internship in Department of Medicine in Peking University. Have an outstanding oral ability in English. Have a professional training of art for 9 years, great in aesthetic judgment.

Yuze Cao
In charge of modeling and wiki. Possess solid basis of biology studies and great experimental techniques. Biology lover and won silver prize in BBO.

Junying Wang
In charge of wiki design and digital record (i.e. take photos). Interested in biology. The head of Publication Department of the 30th Student Union. The vice-president of the 31st Student Union.

Yuwei Guo
In charge of research and practical techniques in our team. Independently researched on epigenetic projects and published paper on science journal. Passion for science research, won silver prize in China Thinking Big.

Zihan Liu
In charge of experiment and record. Interested in biology and have some experience of experiments.

Haining Wang
In charge of publicizing, crowd funding and wiki editing. Biology lover, have some experimental experience.


Weifeng Wilson Nina
In charge of the whole project and the main instructor. The member of Chinese Society of Education, an expert of VR/AR education. Instruct students in school taking part in various national and international biology competitions and help them have outstanding performance.
“iGem might be your future!”

Wenfeng Liu
In charge of laboratory and responsible for lab safety. lead and instruct research team in our school. Provide our team with professional instructions on experimental techniques.