We'd like to thank all those who have helped us this year. Without your support, our project couldn't have been achieved.

Thanks for the support from our PIs and instructors. Luo Yunzi and Su Dan, who provided us place to do our project and supported us from the beginning. Qing Ping, who decided to afford the fee for us. Zhang Lie, who managed the affair for us. Hu Hongbo, Chen Chong, Liu Yu, Shi Hubing, Huang Zhongbing, who gave us suggestions and support for our project.

Thank all the seniors from State Key Lab of Biotherapy, including our adivsors, Liu Huayi and Wang Liping from Luo Yunzi's lab, Chen Yiping from Su Dan's lab. And Liu Bing, Li Xuhang, Niu Junjing, Hu Wenxiang, Zhang Jun, Wang Lian, Wang Haojun, Tian Yujuan and Zhu Jie from Luo Yunzi's lab, Dou Yanshu, Lu Deren, Jiang Hua, Zhang Changhui, Wang Meilin, Chen Yanjuan, Chen Yuejun and Ma Lin from Su Dan's Lab, Lu Zhenghao from Chen Chong and Liu Yu's Lab, Tong Yanli from Hu Hongbo's Lab, Liu Qin from Department of Gastroenterology, West China Hospital.

Thank Liu Yi, Zhao Yi, Tan Chunyu, Yang Min, Cen Xiaomin, Hua Zhao and Cui Beibei, the doctors from Department of Rheumatology, West China Hospital who were interviewed to let us get in touch with the clinic, Yu Taozi from Chengdu Public Library to give us the chance to do the exhibition.

Thank In Young Hwang & Matthew Wook Chang from National University of Singapore for offering us E. coli Nissle 1917 ΔdadX, Δalr.

Thank the Animal Experiment Center and West China Hospital Research Center to provide the place to feed the animals.

Special thanks to SCU_China, our sister iGEM team in Sichuan University, and TMMU-China, SDU-China, SZU-China, SiCAU-China and UESTC-China and all the teams collaborated.

Thanks for the support of Stake Key Lab of Biotheraphy, West China School of Medicine/West China Hostpital, West China School of Preclinical Medicine & Forensic Medicine, West China School of Stomatology, Wuyuzhang Honored College, Chengdu OCI Medical Devices Co., Ltd (OCI) & IDT.


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