Twelve members and ONE team.

Yu Hongbin was the team leader and the main project designer. He was responsible for all the molecular experiments and the management of the team.

Xu Hanyue was responsible for molecular experiment, and part of aminal experiment.

Guo Wen was responsible for part of molecular experiment, and using HPLC to make functional tests.

Wang Zheng was responsible for the purification of eGFP, fluorescence quantities and the deletion of alr and dadX genes for nissle 1917.

Ma Qingge was responsible for protein and molecular experiment, financial management.

Guo Jiusi focused on protein purification, knock-out and Interlab experiment. She was also responsible for art design.

Song Zikuan was responsible for Human Practices and Animal Experiments this year.

Wang Xingjian was responsible for the construction, and functional tests of the hardware.

Jia Luyu worked as a member of the animal group, verifying our findings and measures in real-life, in vivo environments. She was also responsible for translating our materials into English to present on our wiki page.

Mu Xiangxu was responsible for modeling.

Zhong Yifan completed the modeling of enzyme catalysis and proposed the optimal promoter for engineered E. Coli. He also predicted the blood flow in cephalic vein with large viscosity.

Yang Xian was responsible for the website design and construction.


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