Yu Hongbin
Clinical Medicine
It's the third time for me to attend iGEM. From the youngest member in SCU-China the first year, the vice-team leader of SCU-China the second year, to the team leader of the new team SCU-WestChina this year. iGEM means a lot to me in many aspects. It can be my biggest thing in the undergrated stage. The competiton teaches me how to do your research, how to work with the others, and how to deal with all these f**king things. I’ll always treasure the guys who accompany with me through this journey. You are the COOLEST.
Xu Hanyue
Clinical Medicine
This is the second year for me to take part in iGEM and the first year for me to be a truly iGEMer. I feel honored to be a team member of SCU-WestChina. In this team,I am mainly responsible for the molecular experiment. During this period, I gained a lot, both in the experimental skills and the capability of doing team work. I found the interest of using biological method to make something useful for human being, and the interst of working with a group of people to make this come true. I do appreciate iGEM for giving me the chance to improve my ability and meet so many outstanding partners. I believe the spirit of being an iGEMer will keep affecting me and let me do things better in the rest of my life.
Guo Wen
Clinical Medicine
I am a freshman in iGEM, but iGEM changes me a lot during this year. iGEM makes me know about what is synthetic biology, even it makes me learn many basic roles and pratical skills in a real lab. Thanks for iGEM, I have many first time experiences. Such as having a extremely formal speech in the public; spending a whole summer vacation on doing experinment. And iGEM gathers us in one lab, making me have lots of friends and I am honor to work with them. To be honest, iGEM also give me a chance to learn what is scientific research and make me take the first step to be a scientific worker.
Wang Zheng
Oral Medicine
This is the first year for me to be an iGEMer. For me, it goes without saying that iGEM is a part of my college life. I learn a lot from it and I make with many excellent friends, which means a lot to me. What’s more, the process that we find the problem and do our utmost to figure it out togather, every time, leaves me profound depression. To be honest, I will be a dentist in the future, doing research is also a part of our life. iGEM, for the first time, teaches me how to do it. During a long time, I’m thinking why we have to do research. Until now, I find from iGEM that we can use it to solve problem, even some clinical problems. What it makes me realize that science ,or medicine , needs not only “rich experience” but also “innovative thoughts”.
Ma Qingge
Oral Medicine
This is my first year to be fully participated in iGEM. As an oral medical student, I've always wanted to try something beyond my own specialty and I chose iGEM simply out of interest. After 2 years in iGEM I finally realized how lucky I was to make that choice. Other than experimental theory and skills of synthetic biology, I also got a chance to be in a team full of extraordinary people. And it is gratifying to know that we are able to make a difference for the patients suffering from gout. Medicine is a long journey, and I'll never stop.
Guo Jiusi
Oral Medicine
As my second year in iGEM went by, it's quite astonishing for me that I've been keened on one thing for such a long time, considering that I used to shift my favourite film every day. Lol. For me, iGEM built a bridge between daily school life and the real scientific research. I did gain a lot in the process, including methods to shoot problems, communicate with others and wonderful friends, which I treasured most. I really enjoyed the journey with all you guys.
Song Zikuan
Forensic Medicine
Undoubtedly, my first year to join the iGEM competition is so wonderful and unforgettable. Because our team is such a great team, I made lots of friends here. And for me, I learned a lot this year, especially the skills of experiments and the ways to get along with other people in a team. What's more, iGEM has greatly stimulated my interest in scientific research, which is of great significance to me.
Wang Xingjian
Biomedical Engineering
Participating in the iGEM is a completely new experience for me and could also be one of the most impressive part of my undergraduate life. As a new player, everything in iGEM is new for me, the design of the project, experiments, human practice, and those could always be a little challenging meanwhile fascinating. Not only the knowledge I have learned during the process of heading for our goals is vauleable for me, but the emphysis of iGEM on the connection between the lab and the society benefits me a lot in my research thinking. besides, constructing a device is never so easy.
Jia Luyu
This is my second year as an iGEMer. For me, iGEM has been an effective way to connect undergraduate students with real, collaborative research, as well as a big scientific event involving young scientists all across the globe. With iGEM I have formed a basic understanding of interdisciplinary studies, and it has brought together such a team of brilliant friends and future researchers whom I will always cherish. I feel fortunate to meet iGEM in my life.
Mu xiangxu
This is the first for me to be an iGEMer. iGEM gave me a crucial chance to know about the biological research. Personally speaking, iGEM is a fantastic platform for college students to learn what is real research. The most important thing for me in this year is that I could combine my knowledge learned in class with the requirment in the research. I think it was a precious and interesting exprience in my college years.
Zhong Yifan
I learned about the competition from one elder schoolmate in physics who highly recommend me of iGEM. When I was deciding my major, there was a pendulum between physic and biology. I appreciate iGEM for providing an opportunity to study biological system using sophisticated mathematical methods in physics. My research process in iGEM fully reminds me of the complexity and subtleness of organics that our current understanding of life represented via mathematics seems so feeble and naïve in some occasions. In the light of iGEM I may proceed my future interest in biological phenomena in a collective and statistical hierarchy.
Yang Xian
Computer Science
It's my honor to fight together for the same goal in such a enterprising team. During this memorable period, I tried to think in a totally different way to communicate with those guys who major in medicine and biology. However, as I became familiar with them, I gradually understood what they meant and attempted to use compute science in our project to realize our crazy idea. It's a challenging and interesting experience that I may never forget.
Instructors & Advisors:
Luo Yunzi
Su Dan
Hu Hongbo
Chen Chong
Liu Yu
Shi Hubing
Huang Zhongbing
Liu Huayi
Wang Liping
Chen Yiping