Our HEAD-Treg




Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is a serious chronic, inflammatory and systemic autoimmune disease.
It is of great essence to develop a novel cell-targeted therapy for RA because there is no radical cure for RA for the time being.
To solve the problems existing in the current treatment of RA, we design and build a brand new immunotherapy.
FOXP3+ regulatory T cells(Tregs), which can suppress and regulate immune reactions, are modified
utilizing a lentiviral vector system to express a chimeric antigen receptor(CAR) targeting inflammatory cells associated with RA.
Meanwhile, we insert the Syn-Notch receptor to activate the functional stability pathway of Tregs in the inflammatory environment, which enables them to play their role of immunosuppression in lesions more efficiently and more stably.
These two redirections of the two different but interrelated systems on Tregs ensure this novel therapy a promising anti-RA effect.