We are team CPU_CHINA! There are 10 undergraduate students and 4 teachers in our team. Team members from different fields joined forces to conceive a project and tried our utmost to fulfill our goals with the same interest in synthetic biology. Meet them now!

Student leaders

Qihang Zhao

Hi, this is Qihang Zhao, a senior student of Biopharmaceuticals in China Pharmaceutical University. As the captain of CPU CHINA, I am mainly responsible for the co-ordinating of experimental plan and the design of experimental programs. Not only interested in Cellular Immunotherapy like our project this year, I also focus on the study of relationship between epigenetics and cellular metabolism in human’s adaptive-immune system. In other hands, I keen on the creation of poetry and lyrics, especially traditional Chinese poetry. Sincerely, I am looking forward to showing our project to you at the jamboree!

Sisi Qu

Hello, everyone! This is Sally Qu! I am a senior student in China Pharmaceutical University, majoring Pharmacology. As a cofounder of CPU_CHINA and CPU Bio-X Club, I am always dedicated to manage our team and promote synthetic biology, medicine and medical science with great enthusiasm. I am so proud of our team members and our own project- synNotch-CAR-Tregs program! I hope we can have a good presentation at the coming competition. Look forward to see you in the jamboree!

Xin Li

Hello, everybody! I’m the most handsome man of the team. You can call me LIXIN or just call me handsome guy. On the same time, I’m also the most talented person of our team. If you can’t meet me during the Giant Jamboree, that must be your regret.


Liujun He

Hello, iGEMers! I'm a senior student in China Pharmaceutical University, major in Biopharmacy. It's my pleasure to be involved in CPU-China and the last couple of months were such an enjoyable and meaningful time for me. In our team, I participated in our lab works such as the experiments of interlab study and the western bloting experiments. And more, I was responsible for human practice. By those,I not only enhance the practical ability and organizational skills, but also harvested the friendship. It is my honor that we can make great progress together. I'm so glad to have this excellent experience working with such a lot of great minds and really appreciate the opportunity to share ideas with iGEMers from all over the world.

Tengjie Yu

Hello, this is Tengjie Yu, a senior student from Team CPU-China. After knowing iGEM from my roommate, I found great interest in it and took participate in the team immediately. There are so many brilliant students here and it is a great honor of me to get involved into the project with them. Along the preparation of this competition, we supported each other and pursued our own goal together. The experimental part, is what I am mainly responsible for and I truly learned a lot from the process. This is a fascinating experience for me and I hope we can achieve what we deserve.

Minye Yu

Hi there, this is Minye Yu from Team CPU_CHINA. I have finished my third year in China Pharmaceutical University and now I am in my first year as a pharmacy student in the University of Alberta. I have always been fascinated by the intricacies of life, and thus it is my great honor to be a member in this team to explore new interesting things about life together. It is so lucky of me to know all of you and to work together with you on this project. Wish everyone good luck and hope to see you all at the Jamboree. Cheers!

Yuchuan Su

Hi, this is Yuchuan Su, a senior at China Pharmaceutical University. I have worked on Institute of Pharmaceutical Science, and focuses on the application of system biology and computational biology in drug development. During the year I conduct research in the Applied Science department on stochastic kinetic models of chemical reaction networks. I think the Traditional Chinese medicine have an inner connection with system biology and plan to go abroad for further study. I enjoy coding scripts and performing data analysis.

Jinjing He

I’m JINJING HE, a senior student. My major is Biopharmaceutical Technology. So I am interested in both pharmacy and biology. If you want to know about the biophamacy especially its development and clinical trials, do not hesitate to chat with me! And in the future, I want to major in biostatistics to process disease or drug data for human health. So we can also talk about statistic skills. In my team, I do the aspect of modeling and how our system works. It is really an amazing job! We try to use mathmatical method and biological pathway to figure out biological problems. I really hope that we can talk with other teams for our project!

Chu Zhang

Hello, guys! I am Chu Zhang and a senior student majoring in Pharmacy. Fascinated by all sorts of life entity in this planet, I am curious about developing the process of biology and performing scientific experiment on my own. I am responsible for Human Practice and a part of experiments in our team. Also, participating in iGEM hones my skills and makes me become an independent researcher which is rather appealing to me as it is crucial to realizing my full potential as a scientist. I am so lucky to be a member of Team CPU_China and wish we perform better at the final presentation!

Baoqinang Chen

My name’s Baoqiang Chen, a junior student which major in Pharmaceutics. I think sometimes I am a science and technology fans or a Geek. I love to make something cool. I have many hobbies such as electronic DIY, Ammeter Radio(HAM), computer science, travel, photography etc. Now I have some project about Pharmacokinetic, metabonomics, and system biology in our university. I think these subject is what I love and will be my research directions in the future. I think the researches what I like is some interdisciplines, this is also why I entered iGEM. I think this is a very interesting project which you can realize your ideas.


Professor Yong Yang

Vice president of Dug Science Research Institute,
Director of New Drug Safety Assessment Center
Pf. Yang mainly engaged in molecular medicine based on transformation of molecular targeted anti-tumor drug research and development. In 2009, he was selected as the "New Century Talent Program" by the Ministry of Education and was elected as the leader of the "333 High Level Talent Training Project" in Jiangsu Province and the "Six Talents Summit" in Jiangsu Province. In the international academic journals such as JBC, CDD, Carcinogenesis, Molecular Cancer Therapy and other published more than 30 SCI papers, cumulative impact factor of more than 100 points, the research results have been highly recognized by the international academic community, by Cancer research, Blood and many other international Famous magazine cited.

Professor Hanmei Xu

Professor of Life Science and Technology
China Pharmaceutical University, doctoral tutor, director of marine pharmacy.
Since 2002 in Nanjing University National Key Laboratory of Pharmaceutical Biotechnology for postdoctoral research period, began anti-tumor protein and peptide research. At the end of 2004 to the China Pharmaceutical University, continue to engage in anti-tumor peptide research, designed and synthesized anti-tumor peptide Antipyridine peptide, AP25, EDSM and other intellectual property rights of the peptide, which Antipyridine in September 2013 was A class of new drug clinical approval. Nearly five years at home and abroad published more than 50 academic articles, SCI more than 20 articles; editor and editor of the one, editor of the textbook "marine pharmacy" a; apply for a total of 25 invention patents (including international patents 5).

Professor Bin Li

Shanghai Institute of Immunology,
Shanghai Jiaotong University.
Professor Bin Li is now the vice director of Shanghai Institute of Immunology, Distinguished Professor of the Shanghai Jiaotong University and the Professor of University of Chinese Academy of Sciences. The study group has long been involved in the basic research of T-cell-related regulations, including the stability of Treg cells under inflammatory conditions and post-translational modifications of T-cell-differentiation-related key transcription factors. Since 2010, Li Bin has published more than 50 papers in international academic journals such as Immunity, Nat Commun, PNAS, J Biol Chem, J Immunol Cutting Edge, J Virol, etc., among which 35 are the author of communication or the author of co-communication. 2015 won the National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars; 2016 won the Shanghai Outstanding Academic Leaders (A class) and the Leaders of Scientific Research in Shanghai.


Weiwei Hu Ph.D

Center for New Drug Safety Evaluation and Research,
China Pharmaceutical University.
Dr. Weiwei Hu graduated from Animal Medical College of Nanjing Agricultural University in June 2016. At present, he has published 8 SCI papers, including published two articles as first author. In 2016, he won the Principals Scholarship of Nanjing Agricultural University, Outstanding Graduates of Nanjing Agricultural University, 2016 National Veterinary Doctoral Forum Outstanding Innovation Award and other awards. Now he is a postdoctoral researcher of the Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences of China Pharmaceutical University. At present, he is engaged in oncology research and presided over the National Natural Science Foundation of China and other foundations.

Hui Huang

Instructor of department of science,
China Pharmaceutical University, secretary of the Communist Youth League
He was graduated from the China University of Mining and Technology and majored in sports science. After work in our school, he is long-term focus on guiding students to work and helping students solve the problems of study and life. And vigorously support the students’ whimsy. During his work, he has helped a number of student teams to complete innovative business activities. Thus the students love and worship him very much!