Team:CPU CHINA/Collaborations


Collaboration with NJU-CHINA

Our team helped the NJU_CHINA team design two sequence of BCL2-siRNA(siRNA 3 and 4 ).
The sequences are as follows:

As soon as these siRNAs have been designed, NJU_CHINA sent the sequences of them to us. We synthesized these siRNAs for them and tested the gene silencing effect of these four sequences. The result showed it is the BCL2 siRNA-2 that has the best effect.

The NJU_CHINA team helped us to detect the expression level of Myc-CAR-CD20 and IL-17RA-SynNotch with Western blot. Flag-FOXP3-Jurkat cells expressed the proteins after transfection by electroporation. The result is shown in the figure. They also provided us with human IL-17RA antibodies.

According to the figure, we confirmed that the electroporation was successful and thus we were able to continue our experiments. We would like to thank the NJU-CHINA team for the great help for our experiments and for the provision of IL-17RA antibodies.