The idea of our project was put forward by our members and accomplished under the guidance of instructors and senior schoolmates in the laboratory.

Weijie Chen: Our team leader. Be responsible for the integrated design of our project, team management, and part of modelling in early stage. Then be in charge of gene knockout and knockin by RED/ET and some paperwork on wiki-project.
Yunpeng Dai: The co-leader of our team. Be responsible for the design of experiments and constructing knockout and knockin plasmids with another member in early stage. Then be in charge of creating our PowerPoint, carrying out fermentation experiments with another member and some paperwork on wiki-part.
Yuyao Jin: The co-leader, general superintendent of human practice and supervisor of our wiki. Be responsible for the design of human practice, art designing, team propaganda, looking for sponsors, communicating with other teams to carry out cooperation in early stage. Then be in charge of presentation with another member and part of paperwork on wiki-human practice.
Ye Li: Be primarily responsible for the design of stirring impeller of photo-bioreactor, CAD drawing, making light stirring impeller and testing in Cold Model Experiment, Flow Field Simulation experiments, and be in charge of part of paperwork on wiki-hadrware in later period.
Yuanyuan Li:Be primarily responsible for the design of hardware, CAD drawing, making light stirring impeller. Then be in charge of fermentation experiment, meanwhile one of our art designers.
Jianchang Huang: Be responsible for the modeling of our project, constructing knockout and knockin plasmids, and selection on conjugation and transformation in early stage. Then be in charge of improving the modeling built before, comparative modeling of fusion protein, and paperwork on wiki-modeling in later period.
Mengqing Zhou: Be responsible for constructing pIND4 plasmids, cloning optimized and non-optimized sYFP2, and carrying out subsequent characteristic experiments.
Fengting Li: Be responsible for constructing pIND4 plasmids, part of inter-lab experiments, setting up ECUST-iGEM club and the innovative game of our human practice.
Zhenzhou Jiang: Be responsible for part of human practice and inter-lab experiments serving as an instructor of TEAM-SUIS, and then be in charge of designing of hydrogen production.
Zhi Yi: Be responsible for various kinds of art edit work including head webpage designing, poster designing, part of PowerPoint embellishment, team flag designing, camerawork and so on.
Jianan Shi: Be responsible for human practice, looking for sponsors, setting up iGEM club, various kinds of paperwork and financial affairs, meanwhile one of members in charge of presentation.
Lu Lu: Be responsible for part of constructing pIND4 in early stage, and then be in charge of part submission and translation of paperwork in later period.
Binjie Zhang: Be responsible for building our wiki webpage.

Many thanks to the instructions and help from following instructors and senior schoolmates through the whole summer vacation.

Prof. Gaoyi Tan and Prof. Qiyao Wang provided us with laboratory for us to finish our experiments.
Prof. Gaoyi Tan supported us by providing supervision and instructions during the entire duration of our project.
Prof. Jian Lu gave us valuable instructions and help on photo-bioreactor.
Prof. Qingli Xu gave us some information on energy such as the situation of traditional energy usage and its pollution.
The innovation team of ECUST gave regular theory suggestions for our team.
Dr. Haoqian Zhang offered some original suggestions on our project and team.

Prof. Gaoyi Tan provided us with Rhodobacter sphaeroides 2.4.1, conjugative E.coli and plasmid PIND4.
Prof. Qiyao Wang provided us with Gibson Reagents, conjugative E.coli sm10 and conjunction-membrane.
SyngenTech gave sponsorship on team uniforms, brochures, postcards and so on.

Prof. Gaoyi Tan provided us with electro-transformation apparatus and microplate reader.
A Hua Institute of Bioengineering offered us fluorescence microscope.

Kaiyu Ying gave us introduction on the methods of gene knock-out (knock-in) and how to use Gibson Assembly.
Ruiqing Ma and Yunpeng Guan helped us on detailed experimental operations, such as conjunction, transformation, screening of gene knock-out (knock-in).
Zhuang Wang help us use fluorescence microscope.
Ao Pan assisted us on computer-aided stimulation of propeller speed flow distribution.
Lifan Wei instructed us on how to do PCR primer design.
Jian Lu helped us on designing and making light propellers and part of rail welding work.
Jiachun Zhou gave us the general idea about the wastes solution in food industry and helped us to have a talk with the relevant administrator of the bright dairy.
Guosheng Zheng gave us the general idea about the wastes solution in food industry .
Shuyiwen Sun helped us design part of our logo.
Liuhan Jin helped us to polish the speech contest.
Jian Yu provided some suggestions for improvement on mass/heat transfer of our bioreactor.
Mindong Liang instructed us how to use the equipment in the lab and kindly helped us when we encountered problems.
Xian Liu told us some characters of Rhodobacter sphaeroides 2.4.1such as details on cultivation and how to carry out electro-transformation.
Team SJTU helped us on transformation of non-optimized part sYFP2.
Prof. Lixin Zhang , Prof. Qiyao Wang , Prof. Gaoyi Tan , Prof. Hui Wu and other teachers from innovation team provided us many valuable suggestions on our projects and presentation.
Thanks to the girlfriend for keeping me focusing on the project because she never showed up.

School of Biotechnology of East China University of Science and Technology


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