Located in the southwest of Shanghai, a center of commerce, finance, culture and industrial production of China, East China University of Science and Technology is a dynamic and prominent research-intensive university with high teaching quality. With the value of “Diligence, Factuality, Aspiration and Virtue”, ECUST has always been making every endeavor to develop its united and pioneering spirit since its establishment, and is dedicated to providing its students with advanced knowledge and skills in an academic environment full of intellectual stimulation and scientific innovation. Among all schools, the School of Biotechnology plays a significant role. School of Biotechnology always insists on the concept of student-oriented education principle, combines Biology with Engineering, gives prominence to subject features, and strengthens interactions between professional teaching and scientific research or industrialization. In this year, ECUST set up the first team for iGEM named Light Harvester, which mainly consists of undergraduates from the School of Biotechnology. We have 13 members in our team and each with special and unique characters.

Weijie Chen: Be in charge of project designing, modelling and team management. The core leader who is always positive and active, meanwhile rigorous and precise.

Yunpeng Dai: Be in charge of experiment designing and data management, also good at making PowerPoint. An amazing lab manager with a success rate 50% higher than others.

Yuyao Jin: Be in charge of project designing, human practice and wiki designing. A cool detective with wonderful English ability and also serves as a “moving camera”.

Ye Li: Be in charge of project designing and bioreactor designing. A coherent member with outstanding grades.

Yuanyuan Li: Be in charge of project designing, modeling and part of art edit work. What hides behind her gentle appearance is a diligent heart.

Jianchang Huang: Be in charge of project designing, experimental details and modeling. A member who is always down-to-earth but also can have excellent divergent thinking.

Mengqing Zhou: Be in charge of project designing and experimental details. Straight A student with high academic facility and the ability to accept new things.

Lu Lu: Be in charge of project designing and part of paperwork. Be good at accomplishing work under multilingual environment.

Zhenzhou Jiang: Be in charge of background investigation, human practice and security of experiments. With an active mind while discussing and serious attitude while doing experiments.

Binjie Zhang: Be in charge of building our website and writing code. A preeminent programmer who is excellent both in conduct and learning.

Fengting Li: Be in charge of constructing vectors. Experienced in experiments and good at analyzing data.

Jianan Shi: Be in charge of project designing, foreground investigation and wiki designing. An excellent assistant who always participates in various kinds of work.

Zhi Yi: Be in charge of website designing and art edit work. An artist with special appreciation for beauty and keen intuition.