Our basic Human Practices include the questionnaire, interview and policy survey. We expanded our Human Practices to many other aspects, during which we heard the voice from professors, veteran experts, entrepreneur managers as well as other teams. They represented some different views from the public and authorities, helping us to understand the project from different perspectives so that we could collect the feedback to interpret those results into our experimental design. Secondly, we set up our iGEM club to provide a platform for students to exchange academic knowledge.

Lastly, to improve public engagement of iGEM in China, we designed our own Chinese version brochures and postcards and distributed them to people who were interested in our project, and we received lots of valuable comments.

We conducted a game called “FRET ME”, which was an outdoor group game based on the theoretical support FRET of our project. Apart from that, we have compiled the Chinese version iGEM brochure to let more Chinese people know about synthetic biology and iGEM. We distributed our postcards and badges as souvenirs to members from other teams. As for education, we gave some lectures about the iGEM and synthetic biology inside our school, mainly for the freshmen and sophomores. Also, we help the SUIS_Alpha_Shanghai to build their own iGEM LAB, giving them rough ideas about their experimental design and guided them finish the interLab experiments.

This year, ECUST took part in the iGEM competition for the first time, and there are still many students in our campus who have passion for synthetic biology but have no platform or guidance to participate in such contests. Therefore, to set up an iGEM club in ECUST is of vital significance and necessity and this is exactly where we started.

As the main principle of our project, FRET is an interesting and useful theory. But it may be a bit obscure for undergraduates, especially those who don’t major in biology. Considering that spreading scientific knowledge to non-scientific people is another aim of iGEM, we came up with an innovation activity called FRET ME, aiming at making the concept of FRET easier to understand.

We interviewed the Professor Xu Qingli from school of resources and Environment.he told us that it was necessary to understand the expert data and opinions about energy status, which is conducive to the smooth develop ent of the practice and timely correction.

We held a mini symposium with Professors from the school of Biology. They gave comments on our projects, which later proved to be very useful in the experimrntal design. Also, they encouraged us to achieve the practice with what we have learned.

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