Team:Edinburgh OG/Medals

PhagED: a molecular toolkit to re-sensitise ESKAPE pathogens

Jamboree Results

We had an incredible time in Boston and managed to come away with gold medals, a nomination for Best Wiki, Overgrad, and the prize for Best Therapeutics Project, Overgrad!

Medal Criteria


1: Register and attend

We’ve all registered for iGEM, we had a great summer and we’re looking forward to the Jamboree!

2: Deliverables

We’ve met the requirements on the Deliverables page:

We’ve created a wiki, with an Attributions page. Our registry pages for our parts can be found here, here and here. We submitted our safety forms and judging forms by the deadline. We sent our initial shipment of DNA by the deadline, though we had some issues and needed to re-send after the deadline (documented on our Safety page). We’re looking forward to displaying our poster and giving our presentation at the Jamboree!

3: Attribution

We’re incredibly grateful for all the help we’ve received, and we’ve documented it on our Attributions page.

4: Characterization

We participated in this year’s Interlab Measurement Study and our results can be found on our Interlab page.


1: Validated Part

We created the SaCas9 BioBrick for our project, which is documented on the registry here.

2: Collaboration

We collaborated with both Newcastle and Edinburgh UG during our project. Thank you to both teams for their help! Details can be found on our Collaborations page.

3: Human Practices

We were eager to make sure our project had a place in the world. To this end, we made sure to engage with the community locally, nationally and internationally in order to gain further insight into how our product would fit into their lives. Details can be found on our Silver HP page.


1: Integrated Human Practices

We spoke to several experts who would potentially use PhagED in their working routines. They gave us valuable insights and ideas that affected our final idea of how PhagED can be used and deployed. Details can be found on our Integrated Human Practices page.

2: Improve a previous part

We improved the LovTap BioBrick by extending its range of compatibility with assembly standards. Our registry pages can be found here and here.

3: Model

We created a model to help us understand how bacteria and bacteriophages interact, and how this might affect the way our project would work in real life scenarios. We gained useful insight into the conditions required for optimum functioning of PhagED. Details can be found on our Model page.