Medal requirements

As you can see, we have checked every single medal requirement. The links will help you find all the important information on a specific topic.

  • Register for iGEM, have a great summer and attend the Giant Jamboree. We will definitely be there!
  • Meet all the deliverables on the competition deliverables page.
  • Create a page with clear attributions of each aspect of your project.
  • Participate in the interlab study (we were the first team who submitted their results! ☺).
  • We validated parts
  • We collaborated with lots of other iGEM teams. This helped us improve our project, strenthen our bonds with the iGEM community and it was also delightfull to encounter so many motivated young people with creative ideas.
  • Human Practices: we collaborated extensively with government institutions and companies to make sure our product is safe and useful.
  • Integrated Human Practices: Through conversations with dairy and fermentation companies we made sure that our product will reach its full potential.
  • Modeling significantly influenced our design, application and simulates how our final detection will work on a population level.
  • We improved one existing biobrick, dCas9 to spdCas9. We improved this part by removing the EcoRI site from the original part, which was not codon optimized. This part was also sequenced verified and compatible with RFC10, 23, 25 and 1000 Biobrick standards. Moreover, this part is experimentally validated by successfully silencing GFP using specific guide RNAs and the protein from this part expressed on a pBAD expression vector. As this part is now biobrick compatible, sequenced verified and experimentally validated makes it an improvement over both BBa_K1026001 and BBa_K1994000.

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