Project subject

We had multiple brainstorming evenings together to come up with possible project subjects. We brought the number of subjects back to a short list of ten. This was still a lot, so we cancelled seven subjects. We made subgroups and every subgroup researched one of the three projects left. After the presentations of every topic we took a vote.
We decided to work on a DNA detector device using the CRISPR Cas9 system. Later we decided to primarily focus on the detection of bacteriophages in the dairy industry. The day organized by the Rathenau Institute helped us to make this decision. It makes the project more visible for the public and gives the ability to contact specific companies.

Scientific design
  • dCas9: Mart
  • hCas9 and tracrRNA: Thijs
  • Reporter plasmid and CRISPR arrays: Sebald and Felix
  • Sebald also helped the others with designing their subproject.
  • We got advice from our supervisors along the way.
Wet Lab
  • Thijs, Felix and Mart worked mostly on their own subprojects. Matthijs and Floor generally assisted the different sub projects. Meintje and Sebald helped out occasionally when there was demand. Joana and Ada helped with some of the organizational things such as tip boxes and autoclaving
  • Thanks to Jan Kiel and Ger Telkamp for lending us their lab equipment.
  • Thanks to MolGen for providing us with enzymes, chemicals and advice.
  • Thanks to R. Heler for sending us their hCas9 plasmid.
  • Thanks to J.M. van Dijl for providing us with the gDNA of their S. pyogenes clinical isolate.
  • Thanks to Chenxi Huang for giving us the pJWV-102-PL-dCas9 plasmid.
  • Thanks to Harma Karsens for giving us the pSB3C5-pLAcGFP plasmid and all L. lactis vectors.
  • Thanks to Patricia Alvarez Sieiro for giving us the pBad vector and helping us out with the L. lactis transformations
  • Matthijs, Joana and Floor were responsible for getting funds. Matthijs made sure that all the money coming in and out was checked and written down.
  • Matthijs and Floor set up the crowdfunding campaign.
  • Many thanks to Chienes Metus for helping with the inquiries and finance questions.
  • Special thanks goes out to all our generous sponsors and crowdfunding participants, we are very grateful for your support.
Product Design
  • Ivar and Matthijs worked together to make the bacteriophage detection cartridge.
Human Practices
  • Meintje, Ada, Ivar, Joana and Floor were part of the Human Practices team. They arranged all the interviews and organized events.
  • During phone-and skype calls and visits to factories/places other team members were present as well.
  • Thanks to all the persons who took their time to help us during tours and talks, guided us along the way and helped us establish contact to relevant entities.
  • The models were made by Carlos and Angelo. Sebald helped with the scientific input for the models.
  • Meintje was responsible for most of the preparations and supervision of the education of high school students and elementary school children. She was assisted by Joana, Matthijs and Ivar.
  • Ivar did the lion share of work for creating our ‘Outbreak !’ game.
  • Thanks a lot to Richel Bilderbeek and Christiaan Postema for helping us with the preparation of our pre-school practicals.
WIKI construction
  • Ivar and Angelo did most of the code for the WIKI. Later on, others joined as well.
  • "Home" was animated by Matthijs
  • "Project" was mostly written by Thijs, Mart, Sebald, Matthijs, and Felix. Modeling was written by Angelo and Carlos.
  • "Human Practises" was mostly written by Floor, Meintje, Ivar. Ada wrote the introduction to Human practices.
  • "Parts" was written by Matthijs.
  • "Collaboration" was written by Felix, Ada assisted with the images.
  • The "team" page, besides the individual team member text, was written by Floor.
  • The "sponsor" page was written by Matthijs.
  • A lot of the formatting work and computer magic for the entire wiki was performed by Ivar
Visual Design
  • Matthijs made all our posters, wiki images and short clips on the Description page and other designs.
  • We used the 30 days free SnapGene trial to make cloning step overviews and sequencing results.
  • Our project video and the personal video clips were made by Joris Bakker for Scripta.
  • The animation on the Description page was made by Peter Oosterhuis
  • Felix gave presentations during most of the events, such as the Dutch iGEM meet-up, the GBB symposium, KIVI event and the Giant Jamboree.
  • Mart gave a short presentation during the NBC.
  • Thanks to our supervisors Jan Kok, Dirk-Jan Scheffers, Andreas Milias Argeitis, Patricia Alvarez Sieiro, Chenxi Huang, Carsten Pohl and Harma Carsten for helping us troubleshoot tricky parts of our failures.
  • Thanks to Manon Dusseljee for arranging our door passes and flight tickets.
  • Thanks to the friendly reception personnel for always being there for us and helping with organization issues.
  • Thanks to Ivar’s brother Elwin Dijck for lending us his 3D printer.
  • Thanks to Meintjes’ & Floors’ personnel pass for free coffee.
  • Thanks to LegionDD for help with a few hard JS functions.
  • Thanks to various food delivery services for not letting us starve and letting us put on a few pounds during these last months.