Fun Activities

Utrecht Party - 26 August
We had a great evening with all the Dutch iGEM teams in Utrecht. We went out for dinner and had drinks afterwards at Pamela Capendale's place (thanks!;). It was a lot of fun and we had a great time!

Utrecht party

Team Weekend - 14-16 July
We had a nice team weekend near the lake Leekstermeer. With the whole team we rented a bungalow at the Cnossen camping. We played games and had drinks plus we went sailing on the lake itself :). Since we will be spending a large part of our summer together, we judged it to be a good teambuilding exercise to meet the other team members in a different context and just enjoy some quality time together

Cottage Game contagion Floor, Felix and Ivar image: Cnossen Leekstermeer


Quite often, we had dinner together as a team. To discuss our project?- of course! But also for the fun of it. The best ideas originate with food and drinks, wouldn't you agree?

Sushi night Drinks

BBQ and fundraiser - 20th of September
On the 20th of September we organized a BBQ and fundraiser. We used this event to raise money for our project and to explain our research to our family, friends, fellow students and other scientists from molecular biology.

BBQ and fundraiser BBQ and fundraiser We can start the BBG Makes me hungry Who wants to bid? Good job, Matthijs

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