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Heya! I am Floor and I am the chairwoman of the IGEM Groningen 2017 team. I am also working on acquisition and human practices. Besides all the regular hobbies I enjoy cooking, making my own clothes, yoga and molecular biology.



The times that any scientific experiment fails on me again, sometimes I think; "Why am I even doing this? Why did I choose to do this with my life?" But then I realise that all the other occupations out there suck even more and biological research is just who I am and what I enjoy the most.



Molecular biology is what I like to talk about. If you want to know more about the smallest creatures of life, I am always available for a nice chat. Maybe that is why I am responsible for the outreach of our project. To me the project would be successful if I am able to give an insight into synthetic biology, to all levels of society. Next to iGEM and studying I give guest lectures at high schools and I give tutoring. But it is not all about the brain! I also like to play korfball. It is a typical Dutch sport, looks a bit like basketball, but the more fun part is… we play with men and women together.


Lab manager

I am the lab manager for our team. Besides working for IGEM and my masters' project, I like to kitesurf, dance and cook passionately. I also am a frequent visitor of Narnia and a member of the board of governance in Hogwarts. I like sarcasm, lists, unnecessary comments, politics and synthetic biology. If the Hogwarts ambitions do not work out I would to do my PhD in a synthetic biology field and be a kitesurf instructor for a while in Brazil or South Africa.


Lab rat

Mart Bartelds

Hi! I am Mart and I study molecular biology and some chemistry. I am really interested in how life functions at molecular level and how we can manipulate these molecules to perform useful tasks. Other interests of mine are experimenting with (molecular) cooking and sports. I joined the IGEM team, because I think it is a great learning opportunity and to share my interest with synthetic biology with other people.



Hey there! My name is Adaugo. I mostly go by Ada because it is less of a mouthful and easier to pronounce. To introduce myself, I will give you a glimpse into my life because what better way to introduce myself? -Or maybe I just do not have any better ideas;). I am a Christian, and I am Nigerian. I study Chemical Engineering, and I like dancing, though my choreography is always out of sync. I like cooking good food, and I like eating it even more. The more people there are, the merrier. When cooking for myself, I mostly stick to pasta and rice- less hassle, or maybe I am just not very adventurous with food. Oh and by the way, I happen to be the secretary of this awesome iGEM team:).


Lab rat

Thijs Ettema

Hello, I am Thijs I study molecular biology and philosophy. I just finished my bachelor degree and next year I hope to start with my master in molecular biology. Since I got some extra time this summer and because I want to learn more about biomolecular research. I am part of the research group of our team and will help with the lab work.



I studied Experimental Physics and Biology and gained my bachelor's in physics. Almost done with the Top-master program in Nanoscience, my interests have always been broad. I play badminton in my free time and I have my own company in game development. I like cheap tasty food that is quick to make but I will make a real effort for special occasions. iGEM sounded like fun so I figured I would join, which is the best way to make decisions in your life.

Ivar Dijck


Human practices

Joanna Gomes Neto

I am Joana, a bachelor student Life Science and Technology in Groningen and, of course, iGEM Groningen 2017 team member! Among others, I am responsible for gaining the support from companies and institutes for our project. In addition, I also help out with the outreach of our project and with the lab work. When I am not in the lab, I enjoy living the student life in Groningen while trying to undertake as many foreign trips as possible.


Web master

I am Angelo and I am from Greece. I study computer science and wanted to compete in the iGEM project of Groningen.




Carlos Urzua

Interested in using expression data to give clinical insight on complex diseases. Hoping that in the future the expression and regulation of genes in a patient can be inferred using only a blood sample, online databases and clever algorithms.


Research guru

Interested in gene drives, genetic engineering, synthetic biology, CRISPR and other DNA targeting platforms, and the selection pressures driving cancer evolution.

Sebald Verkuijl


prof. dr. Jan Kok prof. dr. Dirk Jan Scheffers
prof. dr. Jan Kok
prof. dr. Dirk Jan Scheffers
dr. Andreas Milias Argeitis dr. Patricia Alvarez Sieiro ing. Carsten Pohl Chenxi Huang msc.
dr. Andreas Milias Argeitis
dr. Patricia Alvarez Sieiro
ing. Carsten Pohl
Chenxi Huang msc.

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