Team:UChile OpenBio-CeBiB/Engagement


Education and Public Engagement

Workshops and Talks

One of the pillars of OpenBio group, were all of us participate is to teach in an amusing and effective way to common citizens.
We are continuously preparing workshops related to synthetic biology, DNA extraction and teaching how to build a transilluminator.
We have also made talks about molecular biology concepts and bio-entrepreneurship projects in schools, scientific fairs and engineering and technologies festivals. In total we have reached and audience of almost 300 children and young students.

Photograph from the green microalgae Chlamydomonas reinhardtii.

“Do your own Bioreactor” Competition

During the Biotechnological and Chemical Engineering Week (October 2017) we taught to the freshmen about what a reactor is and how they work. After that, we showed to them the microalgae in the microscope and their function. And to finish the activity we asked them to draw how they imagine a bio-reactor. Download them here.