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A great iGEM team is characterized because of its member’s diversity, its global social impact, its interest for making the planet a better place and being part of things so much bigger. That is why we have decided to help each other among teams and make various collaborations, contributing with each cosmo(igem)vision. After thinking about the main topics to be covered, ideas were highlighted, like “What protocols have to be followed for GMOs manipulation in Chile and the world?”, “How is the pollution problem in other countries?”, “What are other teams working on?”, “How to analyze surveys data quickly?”, “What problems are other teams dealing with for attending iGEM 2017?” ,etc. From this, contacts were made with teams interested in answering the same questions and thus be able to start collaborating.

Our ideas focused on key points like GMO international regulations, environmental regulations, analysis of surveys (to know what people know and think), how to make the information accessible for everyone, etc. According to these topics, contacts were made with teams around the world, depending on which problems their projects are based on. Below are the collaborations made with the respective teams:

Analysis of surveys

In this collaboration, a protocol was made for the analysis of surveys done for studying related factors with each project. For this, skype conversations and mixed surveys were done in order to find a useful system able to show the required information for both teams.

Projects summaries translation

In this collaboration, multiple countries of the world participated, where each one shared a summary in English about their project in an online platform, and from them, a translation was made to the different native languages of the teams. This helped us to know about the projects of each participating team, inform us about the ideas and problems that each one of them are based on, and also, establish contact with teams whose research is related to ours.

To learn more about this collaboration and about the projects of participating teams, click here .

GMO regulations

In this collaboration, multiple questions were made about Genetically Modified Organisms regulation for each participating country, for example, which organizations are in charge of the regulations, what protocols must be follow in a laboratory, which laws exist, etc. Countries like USA, India, Japan, Korea, Italy, Australia, Brazil, Indonesia, Canada, Chile and the European Union participated answering the different questions and making summaries focused on common factors among countries, and also differences. As a team, this collaboration was very useful to realize that our country doesn’t has enough regulations for a right manipulation of GMOs , even when this organisms are commonly used in laboratories and investigation work.

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Environmental regulations

In this collaboration, iGEM Pasteur project and iGEM UChile_OpenBio-CeBiB project were mixed looking for a common objective: air pollution . According to this, questions were created in order to compare pollution levels, particulate matter in the air, measures taken in case of environmental alert, etc.

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