Team:UChile OpenBio-CeBiB/Team



Team Members

Romina Corro

4th year student of Civil Engineer in Biotechnology

Born: August 23, 1995

Description: She likes learning new things, thinking about what her next destination will be, listening to hardcore, hardstyle and electronic music and loves french fries. She doesn't really care what people think about her, she knows what she is able to do. She hates people told her what to do, and her goal is to be famous in the world of science. We think she loves to freeze things and she can survive a week only drinking energetic drinks. She is always willing to help and work.

From: Antofagasta

Cesar Aguilar

5th year student of Civil Engineer in Biotechnology

Born: February 10, 1994

Description: He loves computers, cell phones, technology and pizza (specially pizza!). He is very shy, but expresses his ideas when necessary. He doesn't like the pressure, and his goals are finish his degree and acquire great knowledge.

From: Santiago

Denisse Urra

4th year student of Chemical Civil Engineering

Born: November 28, 1995

Description: She likes superheroes, reading, computers and watching TV series. He hates unpunctuality and the heat. Her goals are finish her degree, have a job she likes and where she can do something for the world, and travel to many places. We think you should not mess with her! She loves to talk about her southern town. You may ask her for strange food. She is the main boss of modelling.

From: Villarrica

Francisca Feijoo

4th year student of Engineering in Molecular Biotechnology

Born: Unkown

Description: The newest of the team. She loves to work in the lab!

From: Concepción

Javiera Pino

4th year student of Civil Engineer in Biotechnology

Description: She likes eating but not getting fat, going out with friends, electronic music, having fun, talking to animals, spending time with her family, watching TV series and learning new things. She loves dancing wherever she is, dreaming big, traveling and Christmas time. She hates being wrong or disappointing someone. Her goals are work and study abroad, discover important things for the world and being rich in knowledge. We always see her with a smile and she likes having a nice talk. We think she also loves to do formalities, but she doesn't know it.

Born: October 30, 1995

From: Rancagua

Juan Pablo Saavedra

4th year student of Engineering in Molecular Biotechnology

Born: February 24, 1995

Description: He likes immunology, anime, and cats, but he is allergic to them. He doesn't like pulses and noodles that are not number 5. He loves his dog and music in general. His goals are contribute with the discovery of the cure for psoriasis and work on what he likes. We think he is a stressed genius. Also he is the Lab Master.

From: Santiago

Kevin Vergara

4th year student of Civil Engineering in Biotechnology

Born: March 27, 1996

Description: He likes playing video games, watching TV series (anime) and movies, going out with friends drinking bubble tea, eat ice cream and cereal, walking when is not summer or spring, learning new things (not involving physical activity). He LOVES pumpkins and Halloween, he really does. He doesn't like the heat, going to classes or dealing with unknown people. His goals are finish his degree, have a better personality, have postgrads studies, have some sturt-up, know the true love and go to an orchestra of his favorite games. We think he's like our swiss army man, he is multifunction, and he only sleep when the sun is up.

From: Santiago

Mikael Espinoza

2nd year student of non-especialized Engineering

Born: October 21, 1997

Description: He likes playing video games, going out with friends and watching TV series. He really loves ice cream and candies. A thing he hates is having to rest, because he sleeps A LOT and misses some interesting moments. As goals, he wants to enjoy life, do a lot of things, travel to many places and had a great time with his friends. As a team we describe him as a man of few words and many nicknames. Thanks to him we were aware about deadlines.

From: Santiago

Nicolás Montalva

5th year student of Engineering in Molecular Biotechnology

Born: September 15, 1994

Descripton: He is a very talkative person. He loves languages, especially german. He also likes soccer and rugby. He is a big fan (like all his family) of the Universidad de Chile soccer club. Now he is trying to finish his degree. Sometimes he thinks that day will never come, but always there is someone that gives him encouragement to keep fighting until the end. After that, he would like to do a MBA in Germany. In the future, he imagines himself as a biotechnological businessman, and his biggest dream is to lead a biotechonogical company showing that in Chile is possible to do high technology.

From: Santiago

Nicolás Salas

4th year student of Civil Engineering in Biotechnology

Born: September 23, 1995

Description: He likes knowing new places and food, also likes playing and singing folk music. His passion is travel and know a lot. His favorite season of the year is spring, because he can do the gardening. He hates bubble gum and everything similar, and the heat. His goals are play the entire saga of Assassain's creed, be part of a start-up, motivate people to do science and plant many trees. We think he LOVES to have the attention of everybody and also he thinks he is the boss.

From: Santiago

Sofía Romero

4th year student of Engineering in Molecular Biotechnology

Born: October 7, 1995

Description: She likes doing cosplay, watching anime, dancing and taking pictures of landscapes. She dislikes pessimistic people or chocolate. Her goals are surpass herself, do something useful to help people through science and send love to everyone. You should see her cosplay costumes, they are amazing! She is a very kind person and a little bit shy.

From: Santiago

Camila Huaracán

4th year student of Industrial Design

Born: September 28, 1995

Description: She likes dancing lindy pop, eating and traveling. She hates unjustified violence in all its forms. Her life goal is travel around the world eating and dancing (for real), applying the design not academically but directly in social stuff in third world countries. We think she has many creative abilities and great ideas.

From: Santiago

Álvaro Olivera Nappa

PhD. on Chemical Engineering, College professor in Universidad de Chile.

Age: Secret

Description: Very calm, charismatic and patient. He never budges to difficulties, a man made of steel! He is also very willing to help us in all our troubles.

From: Minas, Uruguay

Myra Chávez

Age: Secret

Description: She's very maternal towards everyone. She always helps and cares for us when we're in tight positions.

From: Ciudad de México, Mexico

Juan Asenjo

PhD. on Chemical Engineering, University College, London. College professor at the Universidad de Chile. Director on Center for Biotechnology and Bioengineering.

Age: Top Secret

Description: The big boss! He is always happy when his students make progress.

From: Santiago