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Judging Feedback

We have received a few comments of the judges, like:

  • "You have nice idea for the improvement of the growth of Clamydomonas cells. Your wiki looks very good and is easy to navigate. Good explanation of your project. It is very good that you considered on the criteria of your gouvernment regarding GMOs."

  • "The work that went into the human practices was very inspiring. This project clearly means a lot to the future of Chile's forgotten communities."

  • "You embraced the spirit of iGEM in the number and quality of collaborations that you have engaged meaningfully in. I commend the hard work you put into document all these collaborations and the manual of lab protocols for working with your model organism that your collaborators reviewed and helped you put together. Good work!"

We really hope to receive more comments like those ones next time! And of course, return to Chile with a medal...