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Our Experience

This 2017 was full of surprises for us, being part of iGEM was a wonderful and unique experience for each one of us. We were all excited to attend the Giant Jamboree (even some of us were out of Chile for the first time), know about other projects, meet people from other teams and share with them our taste for synthetic biology, among other things.

During the Giant Jamboree we were excited and amazed by the amount of teams and partners with incredible and unimaginable projects. So we had the opportunity to share with other teams, ask them about their experiences and tell them ours. We had the great opportunity to meet the members of the teams with whom we were collaborating and spend a very good time together.

We will not lie that there was no drama or nervousness, but the presentation and defense of the poster went better than we had thought and practiced. Although many people were interested in our project, unfortunately we did not get any medals, but still, we had good feedback from the judges and we are happy to have shared, known and tried in this new experience with new friends.

We hope to become part of iGEM again soon!