Team:HFLS H2Z Hangzhou/Collaborations

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Team Members

Jianan Li
Qingrui Sun
Yiming Rong
Jiayue Guo
Zhiyuan Lu
Meiqi Yuan
Zhengyao Lin
Caiyi Feng
Shuyun Zhang
Tenghao Huang
Yining Huang
Yanyue Zhu



Zhejiang University - China

We are the recipient of ZJU-China's mentorship at the very beginning. Since we are all new to igem, having little experience and very basic knowledge of the correct procedures and protocols we would require to complete their lab work, ZJU-China gave advices on their team building, project design and experimental skills. Also, with primers we designed, ZJU-China helped us construct and standardize a gene that express a fusion protein of three different enzymes linked with EAAAK and GGGGS protein linker.

Furthermore, we have in-depth collaboration in public engagement activities. Together, we experienced TEDxYouth@Hangzhou, the STEM activity at ZAST, interviewed ZFDA officers and provided each other with all our resources.

This year, ZJU-China is focusing on a system and the corresponding workflow for applying biocontrol. Wish them good results!

University of Chinese Academy of Sciences

To be honest, we are a new team. Great thanks to UCAS for paving the way for our newly established team by mentoring us, offering some advice and guidance on their project design and troubleshooting our circuits. In addition, we learnt DNA cloning methods like Golden Gate Assembly and UCAS helped point-mutating one of our biobricks.

This year,UCAS is focusing on removing the excess nitrogen in pond water. Wish them good results!


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