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Team Members

Jianan Li
Qingrui Sun
Yiming Rong
Jiayue Guo
Zhiyuan Lu
Meiqi Yuan
Zhengyao Lin
Caiyi Feng
Shuyun Zhang
Tenghao Huang
Yining Huang
Yanyue Zhu


Welcome to the project of your beloved team: HFLS_H2Z_hangzhou! You should call our project Aquamade: aqua here means our project are all solution-based, and made shows our dedication to hand-on experience. Through our investigation and human practice, we decided on the main direction of our project, and our knowledge about the filed translated into our design which specifies goals to achieve. Our project includes three main biological aspect:Enzymes, Chassis selection, and Genetic Circuits. We then tested the our enzymes in real conditions: using Pickle extract from Qiumei Food Company. Click the pictures below to view further information.

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