Team:HFLS H2Z Hangzhou/InterLab

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Team Members

Jianan Li
Qingrui Sun
Yiming Rong
Jiayue Guo
Zhiyuan Lu
Meiqi Yuan
Zhengyao Lin
Caiyi Feng
Shuyun Zhang
Tenghao Huang
Yining Huang
Yanyue Zhu




Our practices followed the protocol for plate reader measurement provided by iGEM HQ, except that we used a 2xTY media instead of the LB stated in the protocol.
Standard curve and OD600 reference point were measured before-hand. The machine used was Synergy Neo2.

Parts and Materials


Positive control
Negative control
Test Device 1: J23101+I13504
Test Device 2: J23106+I13504
Test Device 3: J23117+I13504
Test Device 4: J23101.BCD2.E0040.B0015
Test Device 5: J23106.BCD2.E0040.B0015
Test Device 6: J23117.BCD2.E0040.B0015


LUDOX-HS-40 Silica x3
Fluorescein Sodium Salt
One tube of dried down fluorescein sodium salt resuspended in 1.0mL PBS
Concentration after resuspension: 100uM


Synergy Neo2 reader


OD600 Reference Points

Replicate 1 0.046 0.042 Enter Abs600 absorbance measurements into blue cells
Replicate 2 0.049 0.039 Gold cells are calculated
Replicate 3 0.046 0.036
Replicate 4 0.045 0.038
Arith. Mean 0.0465 0.03875
Corrected Abs600 0.00775 Corrected value is particle-only contribution
Reference OD600 0.0425 Reference value is for 100uL of LUDOX-HS40 in a well of a standard 96-well flat-bottom plate
OD600/Abs600 5.48387096774194 Corrected value = scaling factor * measured value
To see the rest of our results, please click here.


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