Team:Moscow RF/Safety


We believe that our project is absolutely safe for humans as none of the microorganisms used (Yarrowia lipolytica, Escherichia coli, Obesumbacterium proteus) is pathogenic for people. When dealing with AMR factors we have applied all the required safety measures to prevent distribution of antibiotic resistant bacteria (through sterilizing space, devices, etc.). The result of the project is obtaining feeds from which more phosphorus will be absorbed in animals’ organisms. At first sight, it can be assumed that this can lead to accumulation of phosphorus in meat ant its excessive concentration in food. But these are only speculative concerns as we should remember about two conditions. First, currently non-organic phosphorus is added to compound feeds for better animal growth, which presents even more risks for consumers as this increases the risk of using low-quality phosphorus supplements containing accessory substances that can be harmful for live organisms. In this sense our project is rather a benefit from the viewpoint of final product safety: we create a technology ensuring consumption of phosphorus from natural materials. Second, even if the amount of phosphorus in feeds is excessive it is not absorbed in the organism and is removed with excrements. Therefore, concerns about the quality of final meat products are absolutely groundless.