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Denis Rebrikov - Primary PI

Denis Rebrikov is a D.Sc. in Genetics and the Vice Rector for Research at the Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University. His primary field of study is molecular biology and gene engineering. For a few years, he has been an academic supervisor for human genome and microbiome studies, design and implementation of innovative biotechnologies for medical diagnostics, genotyping, GMO detection and measurement, DNA fingerprinting, and genome editing. He is the author of over a hundred publications in major national and international journals and first national textbooks on the real-time PCR and NGS methods.

Alexei Shevelev - Secondary PI

Alexei Shevelev is a Sc.D. in Biology. His primary field of study is creating expression systems which make it possible to obtain a wide range of various proteins. His developments in this field have been successfully used for studying structural and functional organization of entomocidal toxins of bacilli and proteolytic enzymes, muscle growth factors, bacterial pathogenicity factors, plant proteinase inhibitors and viral antigens. Alexei is the author of national and international scientific publications and a holder of multiple national patents for inventions.

Elena Ivanova - Team Leader

Elena Ivanova is a third-year student at the Biological and Medical Physics Department of the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology and our team leader. She never stops learning something new and finding out-of-the-box solutions to tricky tasks. She has loved biology since her school years for the unique beauty intrinsic to it and at the same time she is fond of physics and mathematics. Elena’s hobbies are orienteering and cooking.

“The format of the iGEM competition is very interesting; it is an amazing combination of team, scientific and social activities.” ©

Tatiana Sinitsyna

Tatiana Sinitsyna is an eleventh-grader in a Moscow school with advanced English course. She is interested in biology, psychology and arts. In her spare time, she likes reading and learning foreign languages.

“For me, participating in the iGEM competition is a chance to gain invaluable experience and immerse into the world of genetic engineering and synthetic biology.” ©

Symon Serzhantov

Symon Serzhantov is an eleventh-grader specializing in natural sciences. Since his childhood he has been playing court tennis which has even resulted in his moving to Moscow from the far end of the country. Over the last few years he has been pursuing biology and chemistry.

“The iGEM project is an incentive for me to study natural sciences and work as a team player.” ©

Dmitrii Rebrikov

Dmitrii Rebrikov is an eleventh-grader specializing in biology. Along with genetics and molecular biology, he is interested in cognitive psychology. His hobbies are bodybuilding and Thai boxing: these are sports that help Dmitrii to keep himself fit and control his life regime.

“I like being engaged in this project. Working in the lab, communicating with people who are interested in the same things as I am, feeling the importance of what I am doing – these are the reasons why I pursue science.” ©

Anastasiia Rasskazova

Anastasiia Rasskazova who is a master student at the Biology Department of the Lomonosov Moscow State University has adored biology since her school years – molecular biology and bioengineering in particular. “I get delighted with everything that concerns the marvelous DNA and its unbelievable modifications!”

Anastasiia speaks two languages, English and French, and believes that international communication is an important part of researcher’s life. Besides, she is an active teacher and curator inspiring schoolchildren with her love for biotechnologies and languages!

“iGEM is not just a competition for me, it is an opportunity to put my knowledge into practice, learn something new and enjoy doing what I love!” ©

Xenia Samundzhyan

Xenia Samundzhyan is a high school student specializing in chemistry and biology; besides she is interested in medicine. In her spare time she likes photographing and active sports like swimming and skating. Xenia who is a very active and sociable person is the administrator of our VK and Facebook groups, you can address her with your comments and suggestions!

"I enjoy being in the iGEM team!" ©

Anastasiya Oguienko

Anastasiya Oguienko is a master student at the Lomonosov Moscow State University specializing in molecular biology. She works at a lab and is very enthusiastic about lab experiments. In addition to her primary occupation she loves (and usually succeeds in) looking for adventures. She is not afraid of challenges, thinks rationally and is ironic about life.

“iGEM is just another interesting adventure which may (who knows?) change my life.” ©

Elena Krasilnikova - Advisor

Elena Krasilnikova is Deputy General Director of the Institute for Eurasian Economic Union Development Affairs and initiator of Russia’s participation in iGEM-2017.

“I wish the phrase ‘Russian biotechnologies’ to transform from an oxymoron into a norm. I am gathering smart people around myself to enjoy my life till the great age. I love challenges, hardcover books, big screen movies and operas on world’s classic stages. iGEM is a new source of inspiration and a starting point for a long way.” ©

Ekaterina Nosok - Advisor

Ekaterina Nosok is a person of endless optimism who can always be relied on: there is no challenge that Ekaterina would refuse to deal with. Besides, Ekaterina loves embroidering, crocheting and most of all – restoring and decorating wooden boxes, shabby stools, chests of drawers and giving new and beautiful life to old things.

“I believe in young scientists’ ability to succeed, I am inspired by them.” ©