Team UAlberta is composed of eight undergraduate students from the Faculties of Engineering and Science at the University of Alberta. From genetics, to software engineering, our small, yet diverse team, is lucky to be participating in iGEM 2017.

Throughout this competition, we’ve had the pleasure of working with interesting people, all of whom we’d like to thank!

General Support

Dr. Robert Campbell and Dr. Dominic Sauvageau, our wonderful PIs, were essential to getting out team up and running, and helped us brainstorm different iGEM Project ideas, and provided many resources our team could not have done without. Thank you so much for helping make Team UAlberta Possible.

Dr. Mike Ellison and Abdullah Farooq, our team advisors, helped troubleshoot technical and communication challenges in the different aspects of our project. Thank you so much for your time!

Rochelin Dalangin, our gracious instructor, who the entire team has had so much to be grateful for, has helped in training, supervising, and coaching our team. She helped us perform the final assembly into the BioBrick standard vectors, and created the parts pages for our submissions. Your undergrads thank you from the bottom of our hearts <3

Laboratory Support

We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to members of the Campbell Lab (Landon Zarowny, Dr. Matt Wiens, and Dr. Eason Shen) for fruitful discussions regarding directed evolution, and for their advice for cloning and troubleshooting.

We wish to acknowledge Dr. Cornish and MBSU for providing our team with lab equipment and supplies, as well as for putting us into contact with potential sponsors as well as providing the Sanger Sequencing services we used in validating our parts submissions. We truly appreciate your services!

We wish to thank the Sauvageau lab for providing us with equipment and reagents and providing standard operating procedures which our team followed for may experiments!

Thank you to Dr. Xuejun Sun and Mrs. Priscilla Gao for providing transmission electron microscopy training and helping us obtain micrographs of our samples expressing our gvp3.0 construct.

We would like to thank Dr. Bouveret for providing us with the BTH101 strain, as well as the SDU iGEM team for providing us with their MG1655 adenylate cyclase KO strain.

We would also like to thank members of the Derda Group (Dr. Nicholas Bennett and Dr. Andrei Nikonov) for good discussions on cloning strategies.

Human Practices Support

We’d like to express our thanks to Dr. Mary Hitt for speaking with us about the place peptide-based technologies have in therapeutics.

We truly appreciate Dr. Maya Shmulevitz for taking the time to sit down and discuss the limitations of yeast two-hybrid systems.

We would like to thank Dr. Ryan Noyce for holding a truly revealing conversation about his experience dealing with barriers of science communication to general audiences with us.

We like to extend our thanks Dr. Trudie Aberdeen for expanding the reach of our human practices beyond our initial premises.

Special thanks to Samantha Yammine for chatting with us regarding the role of social media in science communication.

Thank you Jeffrey Wong, of the Derda group, for taking the time to sit down and speak with us about phage display.

Thank you to the participants of the geekStarter iGEM workshop and aGEM for providing valuable input regarding our project!


We thank all our iGEM collaborators UrbanTundra Edmonton, Manchester iGEM Team, University College London iGEM Team, the Indian Institute of Science iGEM Team, UCalgary iGEM Team, University of Lethbridge iGEM Team, and Lethbridge High School iGEM Team.

Thank you Past iGEM Teams, OUC iGEM 2012, Melbourne 2009, Glasgow 2014, Slovenia 2016, Imperial College London 2016, William and Mary 2015 and SDU for providing information

Financial and Resources Support

Thank you to our Platinum Sponsors:

geekStarter (sponsored by Mindfuels and Alberta Innovates Health Solutions)

University of Alberta Faculty of Science

University of Alberta Faculty of Engineering

Thank you to our Bronze Sponsors:

ThermoFisher Scientific

Undergraduate Research Initiative

Integrated DNA Technologies

New England Biolabs




Joey’s Seafood Terralosa

Agilent Technologies

Unless otherwise specified, labwork and wiki web development was conducted by the undergraduate student members of Team UAlberta.

Special thanks to all our sponsors!

Social Media