Auto Sequencer GIFY

DNA sequence assembly, albeit slow and tedious, is a critical component of molecular biology and protein engineering. Sanger sequencing, the most commonly used sequencing technique, usually produces 800-1000 base pair reads. This read length usually means that constructs beyond 1kb require multiple sequencing reactions to get the full sequence. As a result, sequencing data must be manually analyzed and aligned to get the entire sequence of a construct. To speed up this laborious, and often dizzifying process, the Auto Sequencer can analyze and align sequencing data consistently and accurately. The Auto Sequencer has several advantages over other DNA manipulation software: it is compact, fast, and optimized for Sanger sequencing data files, and intuitive to use. Any researcher who routinely sequences large DNA fragments, often consisting of forward and reverse nucleotide files, could benefit from this handy and compact program.

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