Glasgow iGEM 2017

Undergraduate Team

  • Frazer Buchanan: mtlR subgroup, producer of crowdfunding video, liased with ACT campaign, host of iGEM team awards
  • Natalia Brzozowska: AraC subgroup, demonstrated at the Science Centre
  • Reuben Docea: Biomedical Engineering, biosensor design, mascot campaigner
  • Ambra Giuliano: Human Practices and Public Engagement, demonstrated at the Science Centre and Explorathon, presented at Edinburgh meet up
  • Jane Gourlay: AraC subgroup, demonstrated at the Science Centre, presented at Edinburgh meet up
  • Ross Hannah: Xylulose production, demonstrated at Explorathon
  • Greig McLay: Biomedical Engineering, biosensor design, demonstrated at Explorathon, presented at Edinburgh meet up
  • Ailish O’Sullivan: mtlR subgroup, producer of crowdfunding video
  • Alison Stewart: Quorum Sensing subgroup and voiceover for the Crowdfunding video, demonstrated at the Science Centre and Explorathon
  • Hannah Taylor: Interlab, AND gate, demonstrated at the Science Centre


  • Sean Colloms - Supervisor: Provided equipment, consumables, and lab space. Helped with all things Molecular Biology based and provided detailed feedback on our weekly presentations and project reports.
  • Julien Reboud - Supervisor: Helped with the Engineering side of the project and gave useful feedback on our weekly presentations. Made an amazing Avocado Key Lime pie.
  • James Provan - Advisor: Showed us all the lab techniques needed for our project and helped us all plan the experiments we would be doing. Helped us to modify our projects (repeatedly) and provided patience and support every day.
  • Katy Baker - Advisor: Helped us day in and day out with problems in the lab that we were too scared to tell anyone else about. Helped with the testing part of the Quorum sensing subproject. Also did a marvellous job of making our mascot, Henrietta.
  • Jumai Abioye - Advisor: Helped the team with troubleshooting and giving advice on planning experiments.

Project Support

  • Dr Paul Everest (University of Glasgow): Helped us with Campylobacter information, including removal of the capsule
  • Dr Richard Daniel (University of Newcastle): Kindly donated a sample of Bacillus subtilis for use in our project and gave advice on how to work with the bacterium.
  • Ruiyang He: Lab Intern who worked on the AND gate subproject
  • Oli Hawes: Coded the template for our wiki page
  • Dr Steven Kane : Postdoc in the Colloms' lab and helped with the design of the minimal pBAD
  • Everyone who kindly supported us on our crowdfunding page

Human Practice Support

  • Laurence Baker (Scottish Agricultural College): Member of a research team involved in a range of poultry research projects, helped us to evaluate the usefulness of a Campylobacter biosensor in terms of applications and timing.
  • Dr Jane Calvert (University of Edinburgh): Showed great interest in the project and directed us towards further academic collaboration.
  • Dr Paul Ellwood (University of Liverpool, STIR protocol associate): Helped us to incorporate ideas from the STIR protocol into our project, by explaining the structure and narrative of his engagement with the STIR conversations.
  • Dr Chris French (University of Edinburgh, Arsenic Biosensor Collaboration): Helped us greatly to understand the challenged posed by EU legislation on our project, which have previously been faced by the Arsenic Biosensor Collaboration.
  • Dr Becky Hothersall (University of Glasgow, Public Engagement Officer): Provided us with great support in terms of public engagement activities and opportunities.
  • Dr Melanie Jimenez (University of Glasgow, Biomedical Engineering): Helped us incredibly with the design of our public engagement activities and provided great support for the engineered design of our biosensor.
  • Dr Deborah Scott (University of Edinburgh): Helped us with some brilliant advice on our human resources. Dr Scott is specialised in the governance of synthetic biology with a background in law.
  • Emily Larson and Maria Papanatsiou (University of Glasgow): Podcast for the Institute of Molecular, Cell, and Systems Biology.
  • Lewis Thomson (University of Glasgow, Information and Media Officer): Helped us incredibly with our publications on the Campus and School of Life Sciences newsletter.
  • Dr Scott Ramsay (University of Glasgow, Effective learning advisor): Helped us greatly with public engagement opportunities and the Talk about [X] project.
  • Jamie Gallagher (University of Glasgow, Public Engagement officer): Helped us finalise our public engagement activities and supported us throughout our application for Explorathon.
  • Tim Chandler; Adam Hardgrave; Dr Kevin Hargin; Abrar Jaffer (Foodborne Disease Control policy area): Acting on Campylobacter Together Campaign from Food Standards Agency.
  • Glasgow Science Centre: Thank you for inviting us to participate at the Meet the Expert event.
  • Riverside Museum: Thank you for hosting us at the Explorathon Extravaganza event.