Glasgow iGEM 2017
Our Team
Alison Stewart
Degree: Genetics
From: Strathaven

Following her supposed death in 2003 and imminent replacement by Melissa. Avril Lavigne now lives a quiet life in Glasgow and is part of the 2017 iGEM team. She now calls herself Alison.
Hannah Taylor
Degree: Genetics
From: Orkney

Hannah is a former FBI investigator. She unveiled the tampering of the 2017 Glasgow iGEM Mascot Election. She is now retired and does iGEM team investigations. She is our Edward Snowden.
Ailish O'Sullivan
Degree: Genetics
From: Falkirk

Ailish has a long list of words that she hates. The rest of the team are going to take part in a subproject to discover them all. Her diet consists of KitKats and Shreddies.
Ambra Giuliano
Degree: Business Management and Politics
From: Italy

Ambra is the former Italian secretary of state. She now works for the legal department of our iGEM team and is our AMBRAssador, some of her recent work includes forming peace treaties between our two unions GUU and QMU.
Jane Gourlay
Degree: Genetics
From: North Berwick

Jane is a former Bigfoot hunter, however upon never finding him, she has entered iGEM to genetically modify bears to create her own Bigfoot.
Ross Hannah
Degree: Genetics
From: Motherwell

Ross is a former MI6 agent and eligible bachelor currently residing in Glasgow. He likes his agar shaken not stirred.
Frazer Buchanan
Degree: Genetics
From: The land of Burns

Frazer is a former acrobat from the Glasgow circus and now somersaults around our lab. He is also a world champion crossword solver and has a Nobel prize in crossword engineering. He enjoys a tipple of agarose mojitos.
Greig McLay
Degree: Biomedical Engineering
From: Musselburgh

Greig has recently become a fidget spinner guru and now teaches workshops on the sport across the globe. Greig’s favourite spin is the flying ninja E.coli death spin.
Natalia Brzozowska
Degree: Genetics
From: Poland

At the age of one Natalia won the TATA box trophy for contributions to Genetics. By age five she was running her own research lab at MIT. Since then she has been honoured and given medals by the Queen, Dalai Lama, Bill Nye and Ed Sheeran. She’s taking some down time by competing in iGEM this year.
Reuben Docea
Degree: Biomedical engineering
From: Aberdeen

Meet Reuben. He is plagued by a dark, debilitating secret: Petty theft. There is nothing too lacking in value which he will not covet. Your family photos? Bye. Your cat food? Gone. This cactus from the Bower building?... Au revoir.
Advisors & Supervisors
Dr Julien Reboud
Julien's current research interests have a focus on integrating biology and engineering for the benefits of healthcare and industry. Two of his focuses are Acoustofluidics (for sample manipulation), and of course, synthetic biology.
Dr Sean Colloms
While not walking in the Scottish Highlands and shoulder crunching at prehistoric stone circles, Sean likes to tie knots in DNA and dream up new applications for DNA transposition and site-specific recombination.
James Provan
James is BACK for the third year in a row! He is a true iGEM veteran who worked tirelessly to make sure we were on track for a gold medal. He is now residing permanently in the Bower Building working on his PhD.
Katy Baker
Katy has been an iGEM enthusiast for two years now. She was the team’s mother hen and her duties included going round to everyone's flat in the morning to wake them up and motivate them for the day. Katy is also known as the maker of mascots. She is now living in Manchester working on her PhD where she is working on using synthetic biology for the production of novel antibiotics.
Jumai Abioye
Our world-wide adventurer, Jumai, follows her research interests all over the world. She is currently working to promote studying STEM subjects in Africa through her company, Initiative for the Advancement of Education in Africa. However, when she's not exploring the corners of the world, she's working on her PhD on Biomedical Engineering in our very own Bower Building.

Using synthetic biology to create a biosensor for detection of Campylobacter jejuni, a bacteria linked to food poisoning.