Team:CCU Taiwan/APP

No Sidebar - Helios by HTML5 UP


We developed an app on android for users to enhance user experience. There are two main functions of this app, tracking personal oral condition and showing the risk of caries, the introduction will be shown in the following content and if you want to see the demonstration video the link is right here.


After users received their prediction result of risk of caries, we stored the result in the app in order to keep track of every individual’s oral condition by showing them a statistic chart. As the data get larger and larger after multiple times of using the device, users can understand more about their own oral condition base on the statistic chart.

Showing risk

The risk and level of caries and pH color will be shown on the app instead of the device, meaning that after users spit saliva inside the device and the data is sent to the app, they could leave and do anything they want instead of staying near by the device and waiting for results.

Future Plan

There are two main modifications in our future plan. The first one is to upgrade the statistic chart on tracking oral condition. We hope that after storing a sufficient amount of personal oral condition data, we can compute the average risk of caries for individual users in order to notify them when their oral risk has surpassed the average risk of their pervious oral risk. Another modification is for the visualization of the app. We hope that we can amaze the users by our appearance of the app, making users feel happy and also enhance costumer experience at the same time.