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We want to design a mobile and low cost device which can measure the GFP secreted by engineered bacteria. We think that bio-sensor, such as GFP detection is a very promising field in the future.
In addition, we believed that the freeze-dried test paper is a prospective synthetic biology application. By applying the functional bacteria on the test paper and freeze-dry it, the test paper along with the bacteria is easy for storage and can be preserved for a very long time. That’s why we want to innovate an integrated device for this.

Advantage of our device

1. The inner components are designed to change easily, so that other iGemers can modified it to fit their purpose.
2. Usually, bubbles occurred when the sample taken up increase the fluorescence detection error. However, our device took advantage of capillary phenomenon to get the sample to fix this bubble problem.
3. Our device can detect multiple parameter with one sample because of the glass jig design.
4. Our device is inexpensive because most of the materials are cheap and easy to manufacture.
5. Our device is added some automation idea and form a IOT system.

Future Plan

Because of the limited of time, this prototype may not achieve our perfect expectations but our device had moved a big forward step for doing an integrated device. Like optical system, bacteria germination system, sample taken up system and so on. In the future, we will mainly focus on improving our Carindex self-feedback system.

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  1. Device design
  1. Device detection
  1. Demo