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The WHO estimates that nearly all adults will have dental caries at some point. In Taiwan, the people suffer from dental caries is up to 99%. Dental caries are easily ignored by patients since they do not hurt until they become serious. However, you usually have to make an appointment with the dentist beforehand in Taiwan. In the worst situation, your tooth decay became so serious, that a tooth implantation is required, which is a painful and costly procedure.
But with Carindex, the things will change. Carindex is a device designed to detect customer's dental caries risk by simply spitting your saliva into a drawer and put it into Carindex; it will tell you your risk of caries. What’s more, all data will be collected and accumulated to build a curve that help customer keep track of your oral health condition. We hope, in the near future, Carindex will decrease the dental caries rate significantly for every individual.