Team:CCU Taiwan/Medals

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Bronze Medal Achievements

  1. We registered our team to iGEM, and had a great summer.
  1. We have met all the deliverables.
  1. We have written wiki pages about our team Members and Attributions.
  1. We participated in the InterLab study this year.

Silver Medal Achievements

  1. We contributed 8 new parts to the registry and confirm their functionality. BBa_K2292002 is a suicide system in Escherichia coli, we validated different concentrations of arabinose effects on E. coli.
  1. We collaborated with multiple iGEM teams from different countries.
  1. We had done a lot in Human Practice, you can read more about this on the link of “Human Practice” and collaboration.

Gold Medal Achievements

  1. We held activities to gather public feedbacks, as well as sought for professional advices to improve our product. More details can be found in our Integrated Human Practice.
  1. We had modify some models to make our experiments more smoothly.
  1. Our device can demonstrate in standard solution.

Special Prizes

Please click here for more details about Special Prizes

Integrated Human Practices
Education & Public Engagement
Applied Design
New Basic Part

Winning Results

See you next year!!