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This year, CCU_Taiwan tried to deal with the problem of cavity. How do we deal with this difficultly problem? If you notice that you have cavity now, you can take action early to avoid the cavity become more serious. Therefore we design two kind of bacteria that can detect lactate and CSP respectively.

To detect parameters which we choose, CSP and lactate, we used or created the parts in the below table. We submitted new two composite parts to detect CSP in Bacillus subtilis. One of the gene is coded comE and comD, the other is reporting GFP when CSP is detected. To detecting lactate, we submitted the gene that can report GFP when L-lactate is detected. In safety, we submitted the gene which carried the coding of mazEF antitoxic-toxic system.


Table 1. Registry of Standard Biological Parts

Please click here for more detail about basic and composite parts

  1. Basic Part
  1. Composite Part