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Following is how we helped other teams, visited an hospital and took part in a competition.


We should make sure that we ourselves have correct understanding on the genetically-modified technology and synthetic biology, so we took part in some lectures on the topic and visited some laboratories.

Professor Lei Xue specializes in the molecular and genetic mechanism with fruit flies in Tongji University. We had a nice meeting where he kindly shared relevant knowledge and experimental information on Drosophila used in his lab. At the same time we learned about the biosafety measures used with Drosophila. Professor Xue and other researcheres in the lab supervised us and gave us a lot of guidance in the study conducted using the fruit fly.
Professor Shaorong Gao specializes in the molecular mechanisms of reprogramming. We contacted him and got permission to visit his lab to learn about molecular biology experiments and technology.

Learning in Xue's Lab
Learning in Xue's Lab

After analyzing and summing up the relevant literatures, we think that site inspection is an opportunity for learning and improving our project. So we also visited the Center for Disease Control and Prevention and Yangpu Hospital affiliated to Tongji University to know the present situation of diseases transmitted by the insects. There we visited the specimen and dispensing rooms with permission.


Although some unexpected difficulties arose in the course of our experiment, we overcame the difficulties with the help of another iGEM team and professors. We got some parts from Xiamen University. Thanks to their help we continued our experiment successfully.
We gave the plasmid BBa_K1922003(wt p53) and BBa_K1922003(htERT-p53) to the Shandong University in order to help them complete their plasmid construction.


Conference of China iGEMer Community, CCiC

This summer we took part in the 4th CCiC which was held by Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University. iGEM has been in China for ten years, and many of the first iGEM contestants have become excellent synthetic biologists. Some of them came to the conference to share their iGEM and scientific research experience. CCiC Organizing Committee set up speeches, posters exhibitions, academic salons, panel sessions and other different activities, the atmosphere is really great. Here we also had the opportunity to talk face to face with King L. Chow and Kenneth Oye from the iGEM Headquaters. At the meeting we showcased our project: Ignis Fly, and shared not only just our project itself, but the opinions about SynBio and biology researches with the other teams. What an amazing experience!

Synthetic Biology creative competition

We enrolled in the synthetic biology creative competition held by Bluepha Co., Ltd. on October the 7th and then submitted our work. We hope that our course plan image for SynBio STEAM education will let more and more people learn easily about SynBio with interests.

Ignis Fly

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